Photo by adribluestar

Off the Rails: Fixing the N-Judah Sunset Tunnel

At least five cars have driven into the Sunset Tunnel in 2017 — snarling Muni traffic & costing over $1 million in impacts. While Muni has said they have no plans to solve this problem, we do.

(Turns out, it’s not that hard.)

We start by expanding the park to the edge of the rails, adding a curb on the south side to prevent cars from ever being on the tracks.

Now there’s literally no way for a car to even be on the rails at all. Not only does this prevent driving into the tunnel, it would speed up the N-Judah for 45,000 riders everyday.

(We even gain some precious Duboce Park space!)

SFMTA could literally build a quick and dirty, temporary version of this today by simply extending the same type of existing hit posts west from Duboce & Fillmore all the way to the Sunset Tunnel East Portal.

Moving the N-Judah underground allows trains to move 800% faster than today, with no conflicts on the street at all.

Not only is it now impossible for a car to be in the subway, we get an amazing tree-lined walk & bike path — and a bigger Duboce park.

Oh, and we get a subway.

(If you ride the N-Judah, you know how painful these 3 blocks are…)

This seems like a pretty good place to spend some of that $500 million Proposition A money.

Let us know which option gets you most excited on our Sunset Tunnel Survey.