Governor Brown and Assemblymember Chiu Roll Out Red Carpet for San Francisco’s Transit Riders

Transit-Only Lane Enforcement Program Made Permanent with A.B. 1287

(photo: Andrew Dudley/Hoodline)

To keep transit-only lanes clear of double-parked vehicles, on Sunday Gov. Brown signed a bill by Assemblymember David Chiu (D — San Francisco) to use cameras on Muni buses that issue tickets to vehicles that are parked illegally. The cameras, now permanent, have been operating under pilot programs since 2007.

Often painted red and known as red carpet lanes, 26 miles of transit-only lanes already exist and 22 miles of additional lanes are planned. As Hoodline noted, transit-only lanes on Haight Street immediately made the 6 and 7 lines move notably faster.

“Muni riders deserve red carpet treatment,” said Thea Selby, chair of the San Francisco Transit Riders. “This legislation keeps other traffic from obstructing transit-only lanes, which is already helping to accelerate the slowest transit system in America. We’re thrilled about this and appreciate Assemblymember Chiu’s work to make Muni faster and more reliable.”

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