S.F. Transit Riders Urge a “Yes” Vote on Measure L

  • 41% funds target rehabilitation, maintenance, replacement of old equipment, and station/access improvements. For example: repairing and maintaining street pavement, traffic signals, and sidewalks citywide
  • Transit improvements like electrifying Muni’s bus fleet, implementing transit signal priority, maintaining buses and trains so they operate safely and reliably, and increasing capacity on both Muni and BART to reduce crowding
  • Replacement of the Muni Metro train control system
  • 23% funds targeted at major transportation projects
  • 47% of this particular money is going to reliability and core MUNI Rail and BART capacity
  • Caltrain downtown rail extension; this will eventually support both Caltrain and high-speed rail directly into the Salesforce transit center.
  • 19% funds target streets and Freeways
  • Money for street resurfacing, rehabilitation and maintenance
  • This includes money for neighborhood-level investments such as crosswalks, traffic calming, new and upgraded traffic signals, bicycle lanes, Safe Routes to School programs, and tree planting
  • Express bus expansion
  • 11% funds target Paratransit
  • 6% funds Transportation System Development and Management
  • Neighborhood and equity transportation programs
  • Management of transportation demands



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San Francisco Transit Riders

San Francisco Transit Riders


A rider-based organization working for excellent, affordable, and growing transit in San Francisco. Join us! http://sftransitriders.org/join