SFTR Response to 2022 Muni Proposals

  • The 2 Clement is an important secondary route that provides access, serves the Clement commercial district, and accommodates overflow from nearby busy routes. Downtown, the spacing between the 1 California and the 38 Geary is excessive especially considering the hills.
  • The 21 Hayes is also an important secondary route, covering the large (and hilly) gap between Fulton and Haight. Shortening the 21 to Market Street means it won’t fully connect with the rest of the system and won’t be very useful — the 21 should continue downtown. As mentioned above, one option could be to interline it in the near term with the 6 Parnassus at Stanyan or Masonic, to strengthen the grid and increase connectivity.
  • Eliminating the 47 Van Ness also hurts the Muni grid. It leaves Fisherman’s Wharf workers behind, reduces many important connections along the Van Ness corridor, and cuts the connection from Civic Center to Caltrain. The Van Ness BRT lane is finally about to open, so let’s take advantage of it rather than eliminating a route. (The proposed 31 Balboa connection to Caltrain just doesn’t substitute for the connectivity of the 47 Van Ness.)
  • Extending the 31 Balboa down 5th Street to Caltrain might be worth considering, but would need thorough outreach with riders. That central part of SOMA lost north-south connection when the 27 Bryant was moved (due in large part to delays on 5th Street). Do people in the area need the connection to the Tenderloin, Nob Hill, and the Mission provided by the 27, or do they need connection to Caltrain, Western Addition, and the Richmond provided by the 31? The answer might be both. However, the last time SFMTA redesigned 5th Street, it made it worse for transit. Again, this is a larger conversation that can’t be adequately addressed in the current timeline.
  • It is a real problem that connections and service for transit riders in the southwestern part of the city are so negatively impacted by car traffic problems at St. Francis Circle. While the intersection probably needs a full redesign, in the short term a few turn restrictions for cars could improve Muni service. As it is, staff have decided to re-route the 23 Monterey, again hurting east-west grid connections. They have also created the new 58 Lake Merced, which provides some access but doesn’t connect to very much. It might make more sense to interline the 23 with the 58, both restoring the grid and providing better connections particularly for the 58.



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