SFTRU Applauds Assemblymember David Chiu and Mayor Ed Lee for Supporting Additional State Funding for Public Transportation

Photo via Flickr: Ohad Ben-Yoseph

On August 13, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee wrote a letter to Governor Brown and leaders of the California Legislature. He expressed support for new state revenue for public transit, including a measure sponsored by Assemblymember David Chiu.

The next day, Chiu and Assemblymember Kevin Mullin joined a coalition of Bay Area transit agency officials and community and labor leaders to call for increased state transit funding to reduce traffic congestion and improve California’s economy and environment.

“In San Francisco, buses and trains are overcrowded and unreliable,” said Andy Bosselman of the San Francisco Transit Rider’s Union.

“In recent years, our city has increased local resources significantly. But without state and federal partners, we can’t raise all of the funds our transit system needs,” said Bosselman. “Maintaining our existing public transportation system and preparing for future needs are simply beyond local means.”

“We commend Assemblymember David Chiu and Mayor Ed Lee for working to create additional state funding for public transportation.”