The Service Transit Riders Need

We surveyed over 300 riders to hear people’s priorities as we recover from the pandemic

As we fight for the return of Muni service, we are checking in with riders to hear directly about their needs. And as Muni ridership approaches 50% of pre-pandemic levels, understanding what routes people have relied on this past year and which ones they need back is crucial to better serve today’s riders and to encourage former riders to return to transit.

Volunteer member Cyrus Hall talking with riders, May 30 2021

Top takeaways from our outreach:

SFMTA’s May and August service restorations go a long way to addressing the transit needs to riders. Of the top 20 routes riders said they wanted back the most, 14 of them have either returned to service or will be brought back in August. In the graph below, the routes that have been completely restored are in dark green, and those that will be restored in August are in light green.

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