We’re frustrated with Mayor Lee’s resistance to find new money for Muni.

At a time when transit must be expanded, Muni is cutting planned upgrades. This is our statement on the Mayor’s veto of the increased Transit Sustainability Fee.

Fremont and Howard. Photo: Sergio Ruiz.
Transit advocates “made a push today to override Mayor Lee’s veto of a proposed increase in the Transportation Sustainability Fee (TSF) on large commercial developments. But the override only got six votes rather than the eight required.” — Streetsblog SF

“Mayor Lee rightly deserves credit for supporting the Transportation Sustainability Fee as initially passed [in 2015], expanding development fees to large residential developments,” said Peter Strauss, a board member of the San Francisco Transit Riders. [An increase to the 2015 fee was vetoed].

“Our most serious concern with the Mayor is his long-standing resistance to developing new sources of operating budget support for Muni”

Photo: Sergio Ruiz.

“The agency is today struggling to come up with resources to support even their basic budgetary needs. In addition, because of the revenue declines to the state transportation fund, SFMTA is also trying to cope with an expected reduction of state support of up to about $20 million annually,” continued Strauss.

“In this climate they are no longer even considering budgeting for the service increases they know are needed and which they had initially proposed, at a time when transit service needs to be expanded.”