We Support the September 26 Muni Forward Changes, including “Reroutes.”

New 60-foot electric “trolley” buses will be among those introduced to Muni’s fleet this month.

The San Francisco Transit Riders, a grassroots group advocating to make Muni faster and more reliable, enthusiastically supports the September 26, 2015 Muni Forward service changes. This is the second of four service increases that started in April.

This month, 140,000 Muni riders will see more frequent transit service and 37 new buses will start joining the fleet.

The Examiner noted that many service upgrades are “concentrated on San Francisco’s west side, and will speed up commutes in neighborhoods not traditionally considered transit-rich.”

Several changes to individual lines will take place. While these “reroutes” will require a small number of riders to adjust their commute habits, the overall benefits to the Muni network will be significant.

“The advantages of route changes may seem small but we know that shaving just a couple of minutes translate to a big impact across the entire system,” said Andy Bosselman of the San Francisco Transit Riders.

“Looking at just one driver on a single route, eliminating one, two, or even six minutes from each lap adds up dramatically in a single day — and even more when multiplied across all of the drivers and all of the routes with changes,” he said.

“Ultimately, these changes help to make Muni faster and more reliable for all of the 300,000 people who ride the system each day, even for the few people who will have to adjust to these changes.”