We’re Going Places — Together!

Transit riders know particularly well that we don’t get anywhere alone — we’d like to invite you to ride with us into the transit future! We’re working to build the excellent, affordable, and growing transit system we need to have a vibrant, livable, and sustainable San Francisco.

Imagine what it might look like — networks of comfortable, clean buses with lane and light priority, zipping across the City at the wave of a hand and the tap of a card (or phone, or other yet-to-be-imagined technology). Clear signage and sensible, responsive schedules. Congestion-free roads with wide tree-lined sidewalks and a few decibels fewer of car engines and horns. Getting from here to there with your fellow San Franciscans, comfortably and safely. Someday maybe even subways criss-crossing from Ocean Beach, to Fort Point, to Lake Merced, to North Beach, to the Bayview, and beyond.

Member Christina at SFTR’s exclusive tour of the new Central Subway

San Francisco Transit Riders has been working for over 6 years to get San Francisco closer to the vision. We were instrumental in getting All Door Boarding implemented, resulting in buses spending a fraction of the loading time at bus stops. We’ve been at the table every step of the way to get Van Ness Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) underway, and now we’re keeping an eye on implementation; similarly, we’re staying on top of Geary BRT to keep it on track. We’re developing tools to get rider input from where they live. We’ve been working hard to secure sustainable transit funding, so we can pay for the improvements we all want, and keep fares low.

What’s your vision for the future of San Francisco? How do we get there? All we know for sure, especially as transit riders, is that we need to get there together.

So join us!

  • Be a part of a movement that will forever transform the future of Bay Area transit.
  • Get information you won’t get anywhere else — the inside look at local transit issues and planning through our newsletter, updates, and events.
  • Get access you won’t get anywhere else — such as our recent tour of the Central Subway.
  • Work with us on transit improvement projects near and dear to your heart. Help us develop the vision for the future of transit.
  • Support us so we can stay the table with the key decision-makers, as *your* advocates, being *your voice* to challenge old assumptions that hold our transit progress back.

Become a member today and join the movement for world-class transit in San Francisco.