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The coronavirus crisis has made it abundantly clear that public transit is an essential service. Over 100,000 people in San Francisco still rely on transit every day. Across the Bay Area, 31% of usual transit ridership is what we now call essential workers. Our entire system truly depends on public transit.

At the same time we need Muni to provide essential service, ridership has plummeted, fares have dried up, and there’s a gaping hole in the operating budget. …

Excellent public transit is key to a livable, accessible, sustainable San Francisco. The SFMTA budget that will be adopted this spring needs to focus on the city’s goals to put transit first, to improve equitable access for all riders and San Franciscans, and to continue to build a system that is easy and attractive to use so people can take transit rather than use private cars.

The SFMTA budget process is an opportunity for us to shape the future of transit in San Francisco. Budgets reflect what and who we choose to value in our city. …

San Francisco Transit Riders is developing and advocating for a Rapid Rider Network. We want to see a network of Rapid lines that reaches every neighborhood in San Francisco, that has skip-stop spacing, that arrives at least every 10 minutes, running end-to-end across the city in 30 minutes by 2030.

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After several months of outreach on the street, at workshops, and at community meetings, we are ready to push for Rapid service on three lines: riders want the 22 Fillmore and the 29 Sunset to have overlaid Rapid service (a 22R and a 29R). …


San Francisco Transit Riders

A rider-based organization working for excellent, affordable, and growing transit in San Francisco. Join us!

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