Vision Studies Program Receives 5-Year, $1.25M Grant

SGISD’s vision studies program is the only graduate program in New England preparing teachers of students with visual impairment and orientation and mobility specialists. The program just received $1.25 million in federal grant funding, to be awarded in increments of $250,000 a year over the next five years.
“We’re honored to receive this financial and programmatic support,” said Dr. Laura Bozeman, the director of the vision studies program. The new grant will strengthen the interdisciplinary ties between two of the areas in which vision studies students can focus: orientation and mobility, or O&M, and teacher of students with visual impairment, or TVI.
Bob McCulley, the director of the Northeast Resource Center for Vision Education, or NERCVE, works closely with Dr. Bozeman to advance financial resources and community partnerships. “This funding will provide scholarship support to 80 new graduate students completing their MEd, while also building our partnership with the University of Puerto Rico, which is very timely,” McCulley explained.
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