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Jan 13 · 3 min read

This is the latest technological concept that has captured the activities of all businesses as well as agencies across the United States. Digital branding refers to the different methods through which the web presences of private and/or public enterprises attract genuine visitors. The necessity of digital branding is to strongly establish the brand-name of a business, professional agency or service-based organizations such as those belonging to healthcare and education. We understand this as SGS Technologie is one of the best digital branding companies in Jacksonville (Florida) with subject matter expertise in all its aspects.

SGS Technologie recognizes that digital marketing is only a component of digital branding. Our skilled digital branding team considers all factors while devising branding strategies and campaigns. All factors of a business’ online activities are taken into account in the digital branding services provided. Design of the official website, optimization of content and placement of menus are also analyzed. With this approach, the following are the digital branding services offered to companies in Jacksonville and rest of Florida.

Creative Designs

Visual content is the primary characteristic that attracts genuine leads anywhere. Hence, we give emphasis on developing intuitive, modern, lead-grabbing as well as cost-effective visual representations. These include brand logos, infographics to convey messages and videos. In addition, we also focus on the appearance and theme of a brand’s website. Our team conducts research on the target audience, current trends, and also studies the objectives of a business while offering creative designs. Using such visual content and creative designs, SGS aims to effectively establish a client’s brand name on the internet.

Defining Brand identity

The web is the biggest as well as busiest market place in today’s world. There is no better medium to launch a business or new product/new service than the internet. SGS can be of assistance here by developing concrete digital launch and event marketing strategies. These will be handled mostly through social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Our brand identification activities will include appropriate illustrations, infographics and sharing of videos created for physical events. SGS will manage, maintain and increase your firm’s online reputation with these. The objective is to achieve maximum brand promotion for clients in the shortest period of time.

Content Development

A well developed website or social media presences are only the basic factors in spreading awareness of a brand-name and in attracting visitors. The content on a website as well as a brand’s mention on other platforms are also important for promoting its digital brand name. For this, we can develop new content for your website or rewrite the existing content. Moreover, we have a team of qualified content developers whose work features easy-to-read language as well as optimized keywords. SGS’ content developers also develop concise yet attractive brochures that speak about brand, products or services. In addition, we can assist in developing content that needs to be featured in videos such as the lines spoken as well as entry of text in streaming videos.

Digital Marketing:

This term refers to everything that lures visitors to a client’s website. The primary objective of digital marketing is creating awareness of brand name and increasing traffic to website or social media presences. For this, SGS optimizes the official website’s content with the required keywords as well as tags to increase the website’s ranking on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. We then analyze the traffic to a client’s website using third-party tools such as Google Analytics to identify the source-regions of traffic to a website, the web-pages visited the most and the duration of time visitors spent on a page. These findings can be used to alter or devise new digital marketing strategies to increase the number of conversions.

Liked what you read? SGS Technologie is always available to discuss what digital branding campaigns we can offer specifically for your firm and how we will do it. Drop us a mail at or visit our website at to proceed.

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SGS Technologie is a Florida-based IT firm with a specialized combination of extensive experience for 16+ years. . Headquartered in Jacksonville, FL.

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