Anybody who plays the game of golf will have plenty of tales of glorious match winning shots, of putts that stormed 40 feet across the green and rudely battered the back of the cup to drop in for a ‘miracle birdie/par’ and of drives that went further than most go on holiday. They will also have as many tales of days when there was nothing that went right, days that lead you to question why you bother to take the clubs for a walk.

There is a good saying about seeking help for your golf game on days like that ‘play one bad round, forget about it. Play two bad rounds, check your fundamentals. Play three bad rounds, go see your PGA Professional.’

Thats some solid advice, but i would like to add my two cents and say that if you have a part of your game that your not happy with, if you have a desire to play better golf or just have more fun out there on the links then please do yourself a favour. Don’t listen to the suggestions of your playing partners, dont start digging through youtube for an answer, dont head for the range and try to work it out yourself. Book a lesson with a PGA Professional who will offer you expert advice on why your struggling and what you need to do to get better. Everybody can play better golf, noone should ever suffer it.

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