The Purpose.

“women need to be seen as equal”

She carries the future, symbolizes the past, all while witnessing the present. She is a woman, and as a woman, she understands the historical oppression she encountered. She took part in the movements to overcome the inequity, and yet, she still finds herself oppressed, neglected, and taken for granted by her society. She has the capability of being in the three tenses at the same time; even time cannot seem to overpower her significance. Unfortunately for her, she has been subjugated since the very beginning of civilization. She has been beaten underpaid, objectified, ridiculed, humiliated, raped, and murdered because she is a woman.

The purpose of this platform is to address the different types of experiences women have gone through on a global scale. The majority of women do not have full rights to their minds and bodies. A wide variety of topics will be discussed to demonstrate the institutionalized oppression women have been facing, and continue to face today. This is a revolution where the roars of around 3.5 billion women, worldwide, are required in order to shake the earth to its very core, forcing a necessary change to occur: equality. Every woman has a particular experience, and every experience, is imperative to demonstrate the horrific reality they live on a daily basis.

We, as a society, have collectively inherited a social trait of normalizing thoughts and behaviors that disturb the tranquil progression we are capable of enduring. The foundation of implementing the indispensable changes begin on a singular basis. The execution to change a thought, or a system, starts with educating ourselves. Understanding “who we are and what we are doing” will ignite answers that bring us closer to figuring out “what is our purpose and how can we be better.”

The SHE movement, will attempt to help you understand the world a little more today, than you did yesterday. There will be moments where you wish some of the experiences are scripted and false, but unfortunately, they are non-fictional nightmares that many cannot wake up from. On the contrary, there will be experiences that will enrich our hopes, and after knowing about them, we will be proud to share every chance we get. It is with the combination of both perspectives that will truly shine the right amount of light on a topic that has been abandoned for far too long. Together, we can be at the forefront of this revolution, battling ideologies and formations that must be reconstructed and redesigned to accommodate everyone. I thank you in advance for your time, and look forward to where this journey will take us.

-S. A

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