Want To Work From Home? These 10 Hacks Are All You Need!

I answer over 50 career queries every day. And guess what, over 70% of those are from women seeking work-from-home opportunities. However, not many are sure what that means and what is needed to make that work. Work for home is the future of work globally. The work-from-home sector is expected to grow by 63% in the near future. One in every five professionals already works from home, at least once a week, across job sectors worldwide.

In India, the work-from-home force is dominated by women. So, how do most of them look at the option? Some of the queries I get are: “I am a housewife and have never worked before.pls pls get me a work from home job”; “I can spare three hours a day.Get me a suitable job”; “I want a work from home job where I can earn at least 30,000 /month”; “I have some time to spare.I want to do a work from home job.” and “I want a job where I can work after 5 pm, and earn 6 lakhs a year.”

So, many questions attest to the popularity and demand for work-from-home jobs. To work with flexible hours for a few hours every day and earn a neat packet? Not quite. Work from home is really happening! But how do we go about it?

Time to knock down a few assumptions, set expectations, and take a reality check.

A Checklist For Those Who Want To Work From Home:

1. Work on your Resume/SHEROES profile: This is your key to employability. A well-written profile goes a long way. A half-hearted ‘let me get over with it’ attempt shows through — definitely not what any employer is looking for. Talent acquisition and human resource (HR) specialists are good at reading between the lines. Make sure there are no anomalies or errors in your resume.

2. Emphasise your core skills: Companies are looking for professionals who get things done. When you work from home, you have to pull it off on your own without helpful colleagues or any backup. And you have to deliver. On time. So, know what you offer to a potential employer.

3. Research, research, research and UPSKILL: Ask yourself ‘What are the top work from home sectors and market trends?’, ‘How and where do I fit in?’ and ‘What can I do to fit in better?’ Be ready to upskill, upgrade and enhance what you have. A new certification can go a long way. It sends out a strong message of your seriousness and sincerity to potential employers.

4. Set a schedule: Contrary to popular perception, work from home is not something you can do for ‘two hours a day’ or ‘between meals’. You have to work a set schedule out. Time everything out, including any bank work, doctors appointments, picking up kids and any other domestic responsibilities you need to take care of during the day.

5. Be Accountable. Meet deadlines: Follow a strict ‘No excuses’ policy. Responsibility is the key word for all those who work from home. Keeping deadlines is crucial. Communicate, update and deliver.

6. Follow proper work etiquette: Be courteous and respond promptly to calls and emails. Always call back if you have missed a call.

7. Get a reliable internet connection: Since work-from-home jobs are mainly online, do invest in a reliable broadband connection with proper speed so you can work efficiently and run assorted software applications your work may call for.

8. Have a Do-Not-Disturb policy during work hours: Interruptions during scheduled online calls / interviews / Skype sessions are not acceptable. After a while, employers — or clients — will run out of patience with calls being disturbed by wailing babies, noisy pets and pressure cooker whistles. Schedule responsibly and ensure a quiet work environment.

9. Network and communicate: You might be working in isolation but you need not shut out the world. Reach out to kindred spirits, collaborate and interact with online colleagues. Attend events, seminars, workshops and bootcamps whenever you can.

10. Be aware of Expectations vs Responsibility: Many women want to work. They want to follow their passion, get back to the workforce after a sabbatical, or transition to a different career. Many others just want the power of financial independence and some want a life beyond domestic duties. Everyone wants the power to choose.

Are you ready, work-ready? In case you want to reach out to me, you can find me here.

The article is written by Monica Majithia and was originally posted on SHEROES.