When we heard about the global movement #GivingTuesday, we wanted to be part of it. What’s not to love about a movement that is all about giving, helping and, of course, empowering others? Without any second thought, we were on board!

#GivingTuesday is a movement whose purpose is to encourage people to help others and share the spirit of generosity. The UN named Tuesday, December 2, 2014 as the global day dedicated to giving. Communities, businesses, families, and basically, whoever wants to join, gather ideas, efforts and resources to give away on the official GIVING DAY.

Since SHEVA is in the business of empowering women, we decided to initiate our very own project to give back to someone in the office.

Meet Gaby. She is in charge of keeping the office clean and organized at all times, helping us work in a pleasant environment. She is a single mom who traveled a couple of hours from her village (San Marcos, Guatemala) to the city looking for better opportunities. Due to the lack of education, she is only able to perform low-income jobs and that’s why we want to help her. Our mission is to help her reach her dream of being a makeup artist. We believe that, at the same time, this will build up her self-esteem, provide her with tools and give her opportunities so one day she can run her own business.

How are we doing that?

Last Tuesday we started the adventure in our offices, with Gaby, Jessie Harrison (one of the top makeup artist in Guatemala) and the very (very) excited SHEVA gang. Jessie taught Gaby makeup techniques, starting from priming to eye shadowing. Two hours later Gaby was nearly an expert; she did her makeup and Jessie’s flawlessly. And we believe, we have found the person who will always be in charge of making the entireSHEVA team look dazzling on picture day.

One week from now is the official GIVING DAY, and we’ve got something special prepared to conclude our gift to Gaby. We loved how empowered she left the office after her classes and we can’t help but wish that that’s the way every woman should feel.

Sign up on givingtuesday.org and help us make the world a more generous place. Remember: It doesn’t matter how you give or what you give, but that YOU GIVE.

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