What do I Love?

Ajibola Lawal
Jul 26 · 3 min read

It started, as these things always do, with a question:

I thought I was going to say one or two things. But boy did I go off! And it became this whole thread that had me wonder a little bit about all these things that I love. These were things that, until the point of getting them down, I didn’t realize how much I loved doing them.

  1. I love making/building stuff and all that comes with it (the hours of research, planning, sourcing materials).
  2. I love writing — not the fancy kind; but the kind where the characters and stories are as new to me (the writer) as they are, to the people reading it. And I am for all intents and purposes simply a chronicler of a story that builds out, in my head.
  3. I love the entire spectrum of learning new, challenging stuff (Things that make me feel like I am an idiot that doesn’t know anything). And then as I learn, I am observing the process of progress — The process of using my existing mental models, and discarding them, building new ones.
  4. I love spending time with my parents. It’s amazing how we used to take for granted that they used to tell us so much. I now love just sitting at their feet and listening to them talk. Something about the finiteness of the time left, makes me appreciate the entire gamut of learning their lessons, absorbing their wisdom.
  5. I love being there, for the people I care about. A kind word here, a lifeline there, a bit of wisdom shared and a shoulder to cry on one minute, that becomes a stern voice of reason the next.
  6. I love being by myself in a big house (10 rooms or less). It helps that both homes are this way. There’s something about the gift to roam, listening to the natural sounds and leanings of the house. Absorbing its story, its energy, its history.
  7. I love the luxury of being by myself (not to be confused with 6 above). There’s a subtle pressure to speak, or to listen when in the midst of others. Having to dress, or undress, or to read for hours on end or stare out into space without having to explain yourself. This, is gold.
  8. I love the joy of sharing of the things I’ve learned/discovered, places I’ve been, things I’ve seen. There’s something magical about sharing with another person, who is interested, a bit or bob of knowledge that they had no idea of before. The way the light goes on in their eyes, that’s also gold.
  9. I love the ritual of food. Making it (read: watching it being made, and being a Chef’s helper) and enjoying it with someone who cares about food in the same way. Savoring the textures, the tastes, the pairings and the conversations that go with it.
  10. I love solving intractable problems. You know those kinds of problems where a one dimensional solution is definitely not going to solve it? YES. I LOVE THOSE. There’s something about complex systems that change/evolve when you engage them, that excites me. There’s the interplay of factors, then there’s interplay of those factors and what ever changes you can make to the system in a bid to change it. The fun, for me, is in taking account all of the factors that you know, and that you possibly don’t, then mentally simulating all the ways that you have to approach that system in a bid to coming to a point of resolution.

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