The Rainbow Shibaneko initiative explained.

The Rainbow Shibaneko Initiative
8 min readJan 27, 2022


The twentieth century is marked by the exponentiation of information technology adoption across the planet. This first came in the form of analogical data transmission where messages were physically constructed and sent through waves and wires in order for one to receive it and to interpret it. Then we started to code those messages to improve transmission efficiency and as soon as we could send anything to anyone the world started to drastically change. New companies and industries have emerged. Digitalisation, dematerialisation, software as a service, cloud computing… And during Summer 2021, one of the biggest tech giants (the one that managed to unite and to connect almost everyone in its ‘online village’) has announced its new name as well as its new goal : to build the foundation of what is called the ‘Metaverse’. Life 3.0 is now coming faster than we would have expected it.

Well we are going to be honest with you, Metaverse is one hell of a buzzworld. Metaverse doesn’t exist the way other companies,big tech giants nor media are selling it. A concept where people are living at the edge of a 3D sentient world and a virtualized real-life, this ain’t new… But of course, when one of the biggest tech companies renamed itself META, well then they have to sell it to their investors ! So what really is the metaverse? Like a metadata would be a set based on pre-existing data that are independent but can tell a broader story when put in perspective together, well the metaverse is the overall picture of different independent verses (or universes) that can connect to form a broader concept : the metaverse. Imagine the metaverse as the idea of being able to travel from one (virtual) universe to another while keeping your (virtual) identity and (virtual) belongings. That is why tech companies will need to focus on standardizing the interconnection of all those worlds. As of today, each company can have its own virtual ecosystem of services and apps that are working together but we can’t go from one universe to another : you can’t buy a NFT in Decentraland and sell it on VRChat nor META’s metaverse nor even The Sandbox. But the industry is surely making its first steps toward a decentralized, global and autonomous metaverse by constructing those virtual, for now independent, worlds.

Before the internet, computers were already discussing together inside local area networks (LANs), then we decided to connect those LANs and the Internet was finally born… That’s exactly what will be happening in the next years for VR, AR and globally all projects and platforms that are self-sufficient. Having this in mind helps us to create our own metaverse that will stay open, decentralized and connected to the broader Metaverse’s idea.

The Rainbow Shibaneko initiative is focused around tolerance and inclusion, spreading love and good vibes to every community and minority around the world. We have decided to create this project in order to sensitize people to intolerance that some minorities are facing across the world because a broader connected world means that more and more people will live together or will be connected together. Other big challenges like climate change are creating communities and population’s movements across the globe. Managing those gigantic migration flows will be the next challenge for humankind.

Homo homini lupus est.

People moving across the lands to find shelter, seeking peace, or simply better living conditions like a better employment rate, a better education rate or even better medical infrastructures, should not be asked to forget their identity, or to drastically change their culture. It’s obvious that adaptation is key, and that inclusion is the only way to manage this future world, or conflicts and wars will emerge, and that’s already the case… Political extremism is rising in the developed world as it presents an easier solution than inclusion : closing those flows and focusing on national values and internal growth. On the other side, religious extremism is also creating wars and conflicts in the developing world, causing more and more people to run away… There aren’t less people coming each year, it’s the opposite.

But people can not make it together because of real reasons, change and difference is a pretty scary combo for people living in their own comfort for so many generations. There is a lack of culture and knowledge about others in our so connected world and this is where we step in.

The Rainbow Shibaneko initiative wants to create the first inclusive metaverse where people are celebrating their identity and difference, being able to spread but also discover other cultures through art, music and games. Our goals are defined as the following :

  • Sensitize to intolerances
  • Eradicate discriminations
  • Promote self-awareness
  • Reduce inequalities
  • Celebrate all minorities

In order to achieve our goals, we spent the last months setting a few milestones that will make us reach our objectives in the short, medium and long terms. You can find those in our roadmap and in dedicated (future) posts.

Set expectations for yourself that are not based on what you believe everyone else is doing.

Starting small to finish big. This is the journey we went on at the end of December 2021 when we started developing this project. The choice of forking a new token on BSC has been made for stakes of simplicity, we wanted to launch this as soon as possible, our roadmap and milestones were written and now was the time to make it real ! A simple smart contract was deployed, a few marketing ressources defined and we were on our way ! We started to shill and gained more and more holders.

But a question can still be asked : why not create a company first ? Well, here is the easy answer : the legal goal of a company is to make profit, ours is not. Of course, we need to create a company for legal reasons, and this might rather become an NGO than a company. But for now, all of us are working for free, every single night and day in order to keep this project growing. Some of us already have a job to be able to invest back in the $SHNEK project which makes the workload double. This is a heavy commitment that we are making but we are happy to build something that goes within our values and represents our will to change the world, at our scale.

All team members have a previous job, some are IT engineers and devs, specialized in network security or programmation. The other half is doing management or management control as well as finance and assets management. We all worked in big (and small) companies where profit is at the center of the pyramid. Humans go second and that’s not something we want to replicate today.

The choice for DeFi was pretty obvious for us. Why create a company and raise funds with investors that only have the word ‘profit’ in mind when we could use the help of decentralized finance to help us earn funds that will finance our initiative? People can get in and out at any time with a potential profit. Speculative markets allow the user to support projects and initiatives while making profits along the way. We are not financial advisors and can not guarantee the value of our token, we can only guarantee our determination on this project : you are the part that is making us worth a thing ! And that’s the power of decentralized markets, we are not delivering something as in a crowdfunding, we are creating an opportunity where you could follow us, or not ! You could even be trading in our market without any concerns for minorities and tolerance and we already know that some are ! Well, you can, and thanks for your money that is financing ethical and valued projects to fight discrimination and promote tolerance :)

$SHNEK roadmap is designed in a way where the next milestones require the previous ones in order to be reached. First steps are to create a strong organic community that is the foundation of our project, then this dedicated community helps us reach as many people as possible. More people involved in the community means more transactions on our speculative market which leads to more fees earned from the transactions that can finance our project as well as being donated to targeted NGOs. That’s our first milestone : making our community decide which NGO we are going to donate to, through a centralized voting platform that we are developing. This is the short term realization of our goals. At this stage, we are not able to be the one that makes the action of helping, but we can give financial help to those who already are.

Next milestone on our list is the realization of an NFT series that celebrates minorities from all over the world through artists from those minorities that are ready to collaborate with us on one or many works of art that are paying tributes to those communities and cultures. Shall every piece be unique and beautiful as each artist will use his own personal style and emotion. Sales profit will be forwarded to the artist and its community.

Question is now : how to keep this growing in an ecosystem where people are mainly investing for the profit rather than the message ? Well as you understood we all are passionate about new tech and we believe in technology. Web3.0 is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs as the landscape is quite wide : play-to-earn games, exchange or NFT-trading platforms, new services and all future concepts that will be developed in the next few years are giving so much things to build and to create in order to prepare for tomorrow’s world. We chose to stick to it as it grows, creating play-to-earn games and NFT related apps in the future. Because this is the true goal of any virtualized currency : to govern and legitimize virtual worlds.

Creating a world, a country or a ‘metaverse’ always follow the same principles :

  • Emit your own money : $SHNEK is the currency of our online worlds. (done)
  • Identify your people : Personal Unique Baby MeWaF NFT generator. (in development)
  • Build your land : MeWaF’s metaverse will feature educational earning apps and good feeling p2e games as well as providing safe places to exchange and meet new people from different cultures and places. (to be build)

This will allow us to create our own inclusive ecosystem on the Internet that is funding real life actions as well as providing an opportunity for the braves who want to try to become the next big whale of crypto markets ! Remember that we are no financial advice, only a bunch of people passionate about the technology, with caring values that are confident on their project.

Thank you for your time and interest.
The Rainbow Shibaneko Initiative.



The Rainbow Shibaneko Initiative

Join us in our journey to the first inclusive metaverse ! $SHNEK is a longterm and legit project aiming to sensitize people to intolerance ❤ Let’s spread love !