We Can’t Impeach Trump, but We Can Burn the GOP to the Ground

Image by Charlie Potter

Here’s how.

Trump is unimpeachable.

“The Constitution gives only the House of Representatives the legal authority to bring formal charges of impeachment against a sitting president. It would take half of Congress to successfully bring charges. The Senate has sole power to bring a president to trial for impeachment. Two-thirds of the Senate would have to vote to convict and remove Trump from office to successfully impeach him. With the GOP in control of both the House and the Senate, as planned, there is no chance that the GOP will violate its contract with the Russian government in order to impeach Trump.” — from Trump Is Unimpeachable. Here’s Why

This might not be a bad thing, though. At face value, impeachment might appear to be the best way to stop the Trump Train. But just behind the orange face of the Trump Administration waits Mike Pence, primed, ready and strategically positioned to carry out the GOP agenda should Donald Trump be removed from office.

As a result, even if impeachment were possible — it would do nothing to end the illegal GOP\Russian occupation of the United States.

We can’t vote the GOP out.

The GOP right did not wake up on a brisk day in October and decide they were going to overthrow the federal government. Since the glory days of the Confederacy, networks of white Christian extremists have been relentlessly working to dismantle federal authority. They were out-strategized through military force during the Civil War. They were out-strategized again — nonviolently — during the Civil Rights Movement. But much like their KKK counterparts, have never disbanded and never relented.

Since the Republican Party revolutionized itself through the Tea Party movement, they have been implementing a multi-phased strategy in attempts to illegally take over the federal government. Again. And this time — they succeeded.

By implementing the Interstate Crosscheck System, decimating the Voting Rights Act of 1965, passing an onslaught of illegal voter ID and citizenship requirements, shutting down hundreds of polling places in key locations and violating the ADA across the board, they were able to take control of the RNC by 2011, Congress by 2014 and the White House in 2016.” They will take the Supreme Court this week.

As a result, until Crosscheck is out, the VRA is restored, the ADA is enforced and measures are taken to stop Russian interference in the election process — the GOP cannot be voted out. This work should absolutely be done — but it is not likely to happen before 2018. So, voting the GOP out is not a viable strategy, either.

We can’t march, tweet or call the Trump Away

The United States of America is under the occupation of a neo-Confederate network and the Russian government. The last time white nationalism was challenged at the federal level in the United States, a Civil Rights Movement was required to secure even the most basic rights. The last time the Western Alliance was threatened by a white supremacist seeking to dismantle the Western Alliance, a World War was needed to stop it. And the last time the Confederacy was organized to overthrow the government, a Civil War was needed to stop them.

The last time all that was needed to end the dismantling of our Civil Rights was a few phone calls and street rallies, though, was — well, never. Not once in the history of the battle against white power or an occupying force have calling campaigns, media centered marches or tweets taken a nation back.

#TheResistance, without question, has the power to take down Donald Trump, the GOP and Vladimir Putin — but that power must be applied strategically and with great respect for the work of those that have given their lives to win similar battles before them.

There is no shortage of strategic history to illuminate the incredible force of those willing to do whatever it takes to protect their communities and defeat their enemies. We won the war that ended slavery. We stormed the beaches of Normandy and defeated the Nazi alliance. We fought in the Civil Rights Movement with hoses, dogs and KKK Members tearing at our flesh. If we allow ourselves to be the evolution of this history, #TheResistance can move beyond empty pleas for political support and media attention and into the work of organizing a complete takedown of the Trump Administration, the GOP and Vladimir Putin.

So, what do we do?

Step 1: Choose a Side

The GOP has redefined who is allowed to be considered an American, and who they consider to be an enemy. They have declared war on the federal government, the democratic party, the media, people of color, people with disabilities, the LGBTQ community, Muslims, the poor and women. The GOP has divided the country into black and white. In order to save the Union and bring the nation back together, we have to respond to these divisions in terms of Blue and Red.

The Left must clearly and confidently articulate that they did not draw this line, but they will respond to it in order to prevent the United States, as represented by the United Left, from losing any more territory to the Russian Confederacy. The United Left must also clearly state its intention to reclaim this stolen territory in the name of the Union. The end result must be Unity. And the only way to produce this result is to unify.

Step 2: Form a United Front

It should go without saying that all Democrats, Independents, and members of #TheResistance must form a united front against Trump, the GOP and the Russian Confederacy — without exception. This means using their individual and collective authority as legislators, leaders and people to counter every effort the Right makes to advance its agenda and expand its territory.

Unfortunately, no such Blue Alliance exists.

Out of 19 cabinet nominees presented by Donald Trump, 43 Republicans voted “yes” across the board while only 2 voted “no” once and 2 voted “no” twice. The left did not have one representative that voted “no” across the board — not one. And only 3 times did they unite as a party against the presented nominee. The nominations of Jeff Sessions and Ben Carson are not included amongst these. Senator Sanders is no exception. The GOP knows how to maintain a united front against the Democrats. The Democrats, though, have not yet learned how to implement a united strategy.

Similarly, despite the heated interviews, town halls and tweets, Democratic leaders have not only refused to form a United Front against the GOP\RC, but they have continually broken ranks and expressed a desire to work with an illegitimate government that openly is trying to revoke the nation’s Civil Rights and dismantle federal authority under the direction of Vladmir Putin. Even the Deputy Chairman of the DNC stated last week that the Democrats “stand ready” to help the GOP devolve Obamacare into Ryancare.

This is not even close to acceptable. This inability to take a stand against the GOP in general and an illegitimate neo-Confederate puppet government installed by the Kremlin specifically is shocking and, in all honesty — it’s total bullshit.

Democratic and Independent efforts to reach across the aisle with the illegal and illegitimate government needs to end. Immediately. Without question or exception. And #TheResistance must revolutionize its strategies in order to ensure this line is held and unbreakable.

Step 2: The Blue States Must Economically Detach from the Russian Confederacy

The Blue States have more economic capability, more political power, and more international allies than the Russian Confederacy (RC) could ever hope to have. Putin is a second-rate leader of a wannabe superpower. Trump is a C-rate business Tycoon that wouldn’t be able to close a deal on Shark Tank. They pulled a fast one on us, but once we get over the shock and awe of it all, we can bring them to their knees — and they know it.

With a United Alliance, the Blue States can formally launch an economic counterstrike against the Russian Confederacy. This counterstrike will serve three functions. First, it will act defensively to protect the resources and services currently being stripped by the GOP\RC. Second, it will offensively prevent the RC from claiming any additional territory from the Blue Alliance and the United States. Third, it will ensure that Blue States are protected from committing treason and espionage against the United States while under occupation.

In order to protect the United States from further occupation by the GOP\Russian Confederacy, the Blue Alliance must freeze all transfers of finances and resources to the occupied federal government. The Blue Alliance must further refuse federal access to Blue Territory, and reestablish the invaluable relationship with our political and economic allies around the world.

Blue Refusal to Contribute Funds to the RC

Trump is not asking the Red States to hand over their money and resources to contribute to the benefit of the United States — he is demanding that all Democratic held states contribute to his illegal takeover of the nation. Worse, Trump is threatening states that do not submit with the removal of federal funds.

The Blue States need to call his bluff.

The Blue Alliance generates more money than the Russian Confederacy. The GDP of the nation is $18.7 trillion. The collective GSP of the United States is approximately $17.9 trillion. The 20 Blue States combined with Washington, D.C. produce over half of this total at just under $9 trillion. Additionally, of the 20 Blue States, over half are donor states that actually pay more in federal taxes than they receive in federal benefits. California, New York and New Jersey are three of these states. Further, of the 15 states most dependent of federal aid, 13 of them are Red. These figures are remarkable even without factoring in the additional loss of federal funding Blue States will incur once the GOP passes its budget.

The Blue Union can survive without the Russian Confederacy. The Russian Confederacy cannot survive without the Blue States.

Economic detachment from the Red States and the Russian Confederacy will not only protect Blue States from the economic attack being launched upon them by the GOP and the Trump Administration, but it will additionally serve to all but snuff out the ability of Trump’s Russian Confederacy to function, let alone advance.

Refusal to Allow Access to Blue Territory

The Russian Confederacy cannot maintain their economic and military positions without the coastlines, ports, transportation and trade routes found in the territory of the Blue Alliance. If California, Oregon and Washington alone formed a unite front, they would take with them access to the entire western seaboard completely eliminate the GOP’s ability to access vital ports and trade routes. On the East Coast, every state from Virginia to Maine is Blue. The Alliance would be able to block a large portion of the Atlantic Trade System.

Combined, a United Alliance of Blue States would be able to block 7 of the top 10 ports in the nation, limit interstate and eliminate a dominant portion of the Russian Confederacy’s ability to engage in trade internationally.

Reform Relationships with Our Nation’s Allies

In order to put further restraints on the RC’s ability to attain the finances and resources necessary to advance, the Blue Alliance must renegotiate its economic and political relationships with our ally nations.

While Trump and the GOP are working tirelessly to isolate us from our political allies, the Blue Alliance must reassure nations such as Canada, Mexico, Australia, and the NATO nations that the United States will remain in their alliance despite the position of the occupying government. The world must also be reassured that as the United States fights the enemy within its own borders, it also supports the nations fighting similar battles in their own countries.

Reestablishing our relationships with these allies will also strengthen the United Left’s ability to economically sustain itself through the embargo, strengthen the Global Alliance against Putin, and encourage other nations to politically and economically engage in their own economic counters against the Russian Confederacy, specifically, and Putin’s attack on the Western Alliance in general.

Will the Strategy Succeed?

The success of this strategy will depend on a number of factors. The first requirement is that the political powers on the left form a united unwaivering front against Trump and the GOP. The second requirement is that this political alliance uses the fullest extent of their legislative power to draw a protective boundary between Blue States and Red States. The third is that they launch a full scale, allied economic and political counterattack on the Trump Administration, the GOP and Vladimir Putin.

Not an easy task.

As such, the success of this strategy will also depend on what you as a reader do to build and sustain the United Alliance. The Democrats and Independents in power have not, to this point, lived up to their rhetoric of dissent by applying the full power of their legislative authorities to block the advancement of the Trump Administration and GOP agendas.

Without properly applied pressure from #TheResistance, the Democrats may not be moved to form this united front themselves.

And should the Legislators of the Left refuse to unite against the Russian Confederacy, it will be #TheResistance that is this nation’s last defense against the full dismantling of the federal government, the removal of Civil Rights and public resources, and a very likely the entrance of the United States into World War III.

The vital role #TheResistance plays in implementing this strategy will be discussed in SIIP’s next article.