Michael Labs
May 16, 2017 · 1 min read

“See the issue is that you you want to work you want success you want money you want the top position at your job. But you turn around you look at the path there’s no footprints. You put in zero effort. You haven’t worked hard. You fear others peoples opinions. You fear that you’re going to fail. You fear or you may not live up to someone else’s expectations or reality expectations are not something that should be made by others. If every day you want to please other people. If every day you’re trying to get someone else’s approval. But every day you work for somebody else who’s making money off of you. Sounds like i’m all about the money, I won’t lie to you money is a big driver of what I do, but you cannot tell me that selfish and people go to college to get the best job they can possibly fine to have a financial income, but steady pay. When I do stand a lot deeper in the money what I do is to help others but I do if I show people that they are worth something that they are more than just a college education that they are more than a 9-to-5 job that pay 60,000 miles a year. That’s all I say, you will succeed when you can turn around and you see footprints. Footprints show you worked, shows the effort, shows your failures, but all that what ultimately lead to success in whatever ventures you decide. Thank you and that’s it.”