SIMPverse & 舒晴Annie’s AMA Recap

On March 29 6pm CST, the adventurous, stunning, and community-popular Annie (舒晴) stopped by the SIMPverse Discord for her first community AMA. Annie represents herself as one of the largest influencers from Taiwan across her social platform. Her Instagram boasts a tremendous following as she actively shares her journey in life, fashion, travel and food with her adoring fans: Instagram (632K!)

Annie’s arrival saw dozens of #fan-art adorations and dedications. After the entire SIMPverse Influencer photoshoot on the very same day, it was an extremely buzzing community chat room filled with intriguing questions and responses. Annie discussed and shared all things around her ongoing success and outlooks within the modelling and fashion industry as well as her goals and ambitions. On a more casual tone, Annie revealed during her AMA some of her favorite foods and travelling destinations. All-in-all, another tremendous and electrifying session; and how fast the time went!

A recap of Annie (舒晴)’s AMA:

Question # 1: Hi @舒晴Annie ! You’re so pretty, are you single?

Annie: “Yes I am. How are you? are you single?”

Question # 2: Maybe you can introduce yourself, what's the 1 thing many ppl do not know about you?

Annie: “My name Annie. I'm 28, I'm a model and a gamer. I love playing games. I wish this whole chat is video games chat. I like LOL”

嗨大家我是Annie! 我拍完照了 可以來跟大家聊天了喔

Question # 3: @舒晴Annie I notice that you love traveling to beaches, what’s your dream travel destination?

Annie: “You noticed! I want to go to Seattle again. I went there 2 years ago and fell in love with nature and the scenery”

Question # 4: @舒晴Annie 最近什么让你开心?

Annie: “我平常就是個開朗的人,但是呢我剛過完我28歲生日。我朋友幫我慶祝 我超開心”

Question # 5: @舒晴Annie what calms you down when you are stressed Ms. Annie?

Annie: “I calm my stress by playing Lego. Videogames, what about you?”

Question # 6: @舒晴Annie 你的理想中的另一半是什么样子的?

Annie: “我是看感覺的 I go with my guts haha”

Question #7: You are the most beautiful girl I ever met @舒晴Annie Can you share with us your own strengths and weaknesses? What are you most confident in yourself?

Annie: “I think my strength is my kindness and pureness. My weakness probably is I am a little lazy sometimes”

Question #8: @舒晴Annie what’s your next big step?

Annie: “My next big step is going to China for work as a car model for a famous brand”

Question #9: @舒晴Annie 你是否相信一见钟情?我好像喜欢上你了,怎么办? Do you believe in love at first sight? I seem to like you. What should I do?

Annie: “我不相信!我覺得是需要靠長期的相處與磨合”

Question #10: @舒晴Annie 您是怎么接触到SIMPverse的呢

Annie: “NFT Metaverse 是未來的趨勢,我有密切關注。透過朋友介紹加入的。今天和團隊工作和其她女生。他們都很美很正面”

Question #11: Why did you choose to be a part of SIMPverse? In your opinion, what positive things does working with SIMPverse bring to your work and personal life? @舒晴Annie

Annie: “I chose to be part of SIMPverse because the team made the onboard process for me quite easy. They also answer all my questions and concerns. I want to provide my fans something unique as well, as there are so many NFT’s nowadays. I love taking photos. so like todays shoot with SIMPverse was more fun than work for me”

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