SIPTU Construction Sector: 28th June — Membership Update on Pay Claim

UPDATE: Our claim was submitted to the Labour Court on Monday 26th of June. Labour Court will now respond within 6 weeks. Follow for updates.

The objective is to win the maximum possible increase in pay for every construction worker and to get it made legally binding on all the employers in the industry through a Sectoral Employment Order (SEO).

This is to prevent outsiders from coming in and taking our members work through undercutting their rates of pay.
The Tower Crane Operators are seeking a pay increase. They are entitled to it, but so is everybody else!

Pay rates in the building industry are set out in a Grading Structure covering all grades which was agreed in the year 2000.

SIPTU Construction Sector Organisers Mary McElligott, Davy Lane and Henry O’ Shea visit the Capital Dock site in Dublin

In addition to the pay claim for everyone that is to be investigated by the Labour Court on 26th June, we have also proposed a complete review of the Grading Structure. This will allow for the Tower Crane Operators and any other grade, which believes it should have a special increase on top of the general pay claim, to have it examined. Meanwhile SIPTU has secured the reinstatement of the Crane Operators 2 hours per day ‘Greasing Time’ with effect from 5th June, 2017.
SIPTU is also actively pursuing the reintroduction of a Registered Employment Agreement (REA) for the construction industry alongside improvements to upskilling opportunities, direct employment provision, pensions, sick pay, bereavement leave, disputes procedures, overtime and health and safety.

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