Spring 2016 Goals

This is a summary of my goals for the spring semester of 2016. I talk about most of them in-depth in my fall 2015 review, but a summary is far easier to absorb than long-form writing.

Goals — Spring

These are goals that I set out specifically for the spring time-frame.

  • Build and Publish SPLINK
  • Do some awesome stuff with Turner
  • Study for Interviews -> Get through Cracking the Coding Interview
  • Land a summer intenship
  • HAMY Codes -> 1,500 views/month
  • 8Tracks -> 100K listens
  • 3.25+ GPA for semester
  • Enjoy last semesters of college

Goals — Year

These are goals I set out for the entire year, which means accomplishing/being mindful of them in the spring is key to their fulfillment.

  • Be mindful of health — Eat healthier by opting for lower calorie, carb, fat choices and try to exercise every day (Gym 4/week, Cardio 3/week, Abs 2/week).
  • Study for interviews — Complete 1 practice interview question every week day.
  • Writing — Publish two pieces every month for a total of 24 pieces this year.
  • Visual Creation — Create something visual (drawing, digital, code art, etc.) once a month for a total of 12 pieces this year.
  • Instafamous — This is part of an experiment I’m running this year. For all intents and purposes, it means I must post one image to Instagram every day this year.


When Goal setting, especially when there are alot of them, I think it’s important to prioritize for when the inevitable conflict arises. Here are my priorities in the coming months by category:

  • School
  • Physical Health
  • Work
  • Side Projects
  • Social