DACA: a tale of white mediocrity and immigrant resilience.


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I admit before continuing with this personal story that I am a cynic: When something seems too good to be true, it’s more often than not because they are too good to be true.

At nineteen, after obtaining my career studies certificates and being accepted into the LPN programme I quit. I knew damn well that even if I passed my classes with flying colors as I had done so far, and even with the monetary help of a church family and won scholarships I would still not be able to take the state board exams that would licence me a nurse without a social security number and there would be no way to get a legit job in a hospital either. To me, it was a huge waste of money and time to continue (nursing school asks a lot of money and time commitment from its students, and I was a single mother working two jobs) I was in community college at the time, paying twice as much as the American students sitting next to me in class for out-of-state tuition in a state I had been living for ten years or so. This was the stop of my academia train and I knew it. Content with getting work under the table as as a nurse assistant I settled in my new life, knowing that as a kid immigrant it was a huge privilege to make it this far: when I was a teenager circa eleventh grade I lost much hope of a life of college learning within my first visit to my overtly cheery (blonde, femme) guidance counselor (in an inner city school of mostly Black and Brown children) these dreams of college which I always carried with me as a child, the very reason my parents brought us here dissolved when I realized that without papers and paper most universities were not interested in you as a student (a huge difference coming from Uruguay, a humble country which guarantees its qualified citizens with free university education) I would never be able to unlock my potential and feed my mind so I simply stopped caring about school, opting instead to skip and walk downtown Fredericksburg, laze around in the canal near the HS and overall not give a shit about school. I was salty to say the least. Getting a GED after I found out I was pregnant with my first at eighteen and going to Germanna was an incredible, unexpected blessing.

I eagerly participated on the Day without Immigrants marches and walk-outs, showed up to protests (we were met with brutality by the police, of course) and really wished that this pathway would open for me and all other kids like me, Dreamers indeed! All I dreamed about was going back to school and starting a “normal” American life once and for all. I knew they did too.

When president Obama presented the DACA programme, an opportunity for immigrants whom were brought to the USA as innocent children, thus rendering them (in my opinion) guiltless of crimes against immigration laws to have some form of legal status I was both happy and very concerned.

The process was expensive, inaccessible for poor folk from the jump. Applications costing about $500 with additional costs like new up-to-date passports from one’s country as well as birth certificates (my embassy charges for both, most do) and biometric data collection as well as an INS physicals — usually running between $300–400 plus immunizations(up to $600 if you need all of them) and oftentimes a $150–300 chest x-ray, as most folks are vaccinated against Tuberculosis in our own countries and the skin tests invariably come up positive for TB. This is if you complete your application yourself: Going through a lawyer (which is always recommended) has cost different friends and family members an additional grand or two.

The one thing that made me wary enough to not apply was that your whole family must provide information as well: addresses, places of work, everything that can make it easy to find and deport the most vulnerable if they wanted to. And now they do. The dream became our worst nightmare. Nonetheless, more than 80,000 kids received their papers, permission to work, join the armed forces, take out student loans and pay in-state tuition. Their new lives begun at last but has been short lived to say the least.

The whole system upheld them: the model minority! No criminals allowed. These children conformed to this American life and here are the results! America is once again the land of opportunity.

And for every person that held these romantic notions (oftentimes ignoring that the undocumented person doing -enter stereotypical ‘undocumented job’ here- is just as worthy to fulfill their dreams and ambitions and just as human despite this arbitrary caste system of exploitation that is white supremacist capitalism) there was a salty, racist, mediocre white, whining on youtube videos or twitter that we should care more about the veterans, or the homeless, as if these DACA recipients didn’t become health care and social workers, vets themselves, doing more in an eight hour shift than the nay sayers with every privilege and opportunity at their fingertips deflecting have done in their lifetime.

DACA being taken away at the cheer of mountain dew chugging basement dwellers with little to no job, indeed social skills of any kind and by social service abusing hicks that have no academic ambitions, no desire, no need really to be anything but what they are, incompetent, mediocre losers whom are not even the least bit interested in truly pursuing their dreams and reaching their potential.

Make no mistake, these people do not care about societal contributions, they are just inbreds imbued in jealousy at the resilience and excellence of immigrant children. If you do not believe me go on to facebook, look through the terrible friends or acquaintances from HS who are currently hating on DACA and our outcry and tell me I am wrong. I am not, because -most- professional, educated folks understand that its a tough job market getting out of college, and everything from your experience to your skill set will give you the leg up on the interviews…Unless of course you are a white man, or a white woman enjoying that minority status under Affirmative Action. They always get the job first and that has been statistically proven.

Mr. Trump said in a statement that he was driven by a concern for “the millions of Americans victimized by this unfair system.” Mr. Sessions said the program had “denied jobs to hundreds of thousands of Americans by allowing those same illegal aliens to take those jobs.”

Fuck Trump and fuck you too. You are on stolen Land. We will, as always, resist fearlessly, flawlessly. #HereToStay.

Dr. Leonina Arismendi žarković

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