Day Without Immigrants

Writing on why I ain’t writing today….

Today didn’t feel like a strike to me: I am too sick to join my brothers and sisters in marching on Washington. Art Mart was to be closed for renovations today as it has all winter, so we didn’t go out of our way to close shop and because he was asked to cover a shift, my partner just walked out to go work a shift at Kybecca, voted by readers as Most Creative Cocktails in Central VA by Virginia Living Magazine just this month.

Instead I decided not to write and paint, the things that I have the privilege to set aside time to do and call my job. But that ain’t right. Because I am writing to you now, and I have been immersed in working on the Worker’s March on Washington’s poster design too, and planning to paint a kick ass jacket for a friend doing the Vagina Monologues locally.

I am really excited to work today. I can’t stand still… Although washing the floors can wait for tomorrow.

I thought about it and I want to encourage you all to take this time off and not only fight, create and self care but for those reading wondering how they, not themselves immigrants, can help. As always, I recommend reading and learning more from writers that are intersectional in their writing, I encourage you to read on the point of view of people other than yourself. Make no mistake though, the labor of love that goes into writing and educating should be recognized, amplified and supported.

Follow more POC and queer writers and content creators. And if your favorites put forth kick-starters or you have a patron account, consider donating to their campaigns and efforts to resist during this administration.

Your artist friend will appreciate your presence in their shows or a commission on work,some artists even offer payment plans! Go see local theater and musicians, buy their merch! Your crafter friend could use the extra cash for those scarves you are going to buy at a retail store anyways... There are so many ways to to support your artists friends!

If I am that artist friend to you and you’d like to support my endeavors which include writing up recipes for revolution here on Medium, accessible public art in poster and mural campaigns as well as an upcoming video series which will expand a bit more on art, social justice and good every day praxis, consider donating to patron:

Resist in which ever capacity you can and know that this is enough!