Protecting the Predators.

From Thomas Jefferson to R. Kelly and Bill Cosby down to my shitty, abusive ex I have never known a more American past time than abusers being protected and their actions justified or outright ignored by otherwise ‘good people.’

Why do people still support abusers?

I think most of us suffer from a form of Stockholm Syndrome: Its bold enough a statement to make that I highlighted it and yet I am in no expertise on the subject of psychology except that I have received much counseling myself and worked as much as possible on my own mental health.

I do think we all fail to recognize how abused and hostage to systemic oppression we are on a daily basis because if we did, it could tear our emotional stability apart. Instead we work hard on forgetting the negative and focusing on the bright side of things. In order to do that, our abusers need be pleased and/or protected at all times and at the cost of our labor, suffering and cognitive dissonance.

I am talking about grand scheme of things like being born into systems of patriarchy, white supremacy, capitalism, colonial-imperialism and its new re-brand of neo-liberalism down to daily micro-aggression and “everyday” problems the same abuse cycles reproduce themselves from the macro to the micro level. Some of the personal pains we experience dealing with economic hardships, unfulfilled achievements/ambitions, health, family/work relationships can be really traced back to the bigger aforementioned problems, much like a sneeze, a cough and headaches are symptoms of a bigger problem, what is causing these issues, a virus like the flu.

From an early age it is seared into our existence in every instance from school to the grave that we are to comply as much as possible. To go roundabout ways of solving problems that avoids confrontations and puts justice in the hands of few whom hand out accountability in an skewed way depending on where you fall into the societal scale based on the aforementioned systems. Civility’s sake is invoked but there is no such semblance of civility in a society which sits idly by as they watch a Facebook live feed and see an officer firing into a car filled with innocent people, including a four year old girl, there is no civility when the rich live the outlandish life styles they live. They are a shameless display to behold and in a society obsessed with wealth and luxury it is a taunt as the poorest of the world: like people in war torn countries turn to eat dirt, and in our own backyard, the USA, has an incredibly poor working class and and even more hopeless homeless population (a majority of which are single mothers with children, mentally ill people or veterans of wars.) I remember ‘eating tv for dinner’ more than once, watching VH1 shows about the lifestyle of the rich and the famous, the over decadence on display made me feel hungry in more ways than food alone could feed and it was easier to think there was something wrong with my parents or myself than to think of the systems we lived under as undocumented immigrants was unfair and set up so that we would always be poor and therefore, subservient.

It is no surprise then than ‘normal, good people’ seem to have such a hard time breaking up with toxicity in every level, since birth we are taught to protect and love and castigate ourselves if we fall out of graces and dare speak out against any kind of abuse from people to the systems that enslave us. This bleeds into our own relationships as we develop into apathetic bots constantly beeping and bopping ad nauseum:

“are you sure you are not over-reacting?”
“did they really do that to you?”
“But they are so nice to me.”

I choose to believe this for my own sanity’s sake: the other choice is to come to realization that most people just don’t care and I can’t believe that we been fully automated into cybermen just yet.

Google searched photo for Doctor Who’s Cybermen.