CW- Sexual language. On Sex worker exclusionary feminism.

By Nikita Kozin for The Noun Project.

This think-piece is news-specific and only touches on voluntary Sex Workers and not on victims of human trafficking and forced labor. I will certainly speak up on those issues later. Apples to Oranges you know?

Top trending in all my social medias,#GoldenShowerGate has given the country so much in such short amount of time: The left spent much of Tuesday hard at work flooding our timelines with amazing memes. From Peenaguration and trickle down economics jokes to blaming urine for the commander in Cheetos orange completion (giving the overused word tanning the historical background I have always hoped for!) I spent a good hour of my day yesterday just looking through tags and laughing my ass off.

Personally I follow the Golden Rule: I don’t particularly want anyone delving into my sex life and pulling my cards when it comes to my own fetishes and so I am apprehensive about kink shaming folks.

I respect what other people are into as long as it is between consenting adults. I am not particularly interested in urine myself, being a maid and home-care companion to older folks at the same time I toilet trained my kitty Ziggy Stardust a few years ago probably took away any curiosity that could have developed, sorry peetus. As an Intersectional Feminist rule of thumb I respond to anyone whom in confidence tells of their taboo sexual desires that I do not relate to thusly: “whatever tickles your pickle.”

During this ironic shit show caused by a document drop saying that the president elected by the conservative, white nationalist, and ‘christian’ demographic has allegedly been groomed by the Russian government for years. There’s this shock and disbelief by the average American, that is because a lot of Americans still associate Russia with the Red Threat and not with Putin’s regime. Even more progressive folks whom wore the fuck out of Free Pussy Riots shirts a few years ago are confused. I am not. The right, big and small, has been obsessed with Putin since he dissed Obama years ago: his hyper-masculinity and bullying ways appeal to them, they’ve been wishing for at the very least a cheap imitation of him. Enter dump, I mean Trump.

If you pay attention to American politics enough, you see an emerging pattern: the most staunch, vocal conservative heads in the political ring oftentimes are the ones guilty of the sins they recognize as “sins” that need to be stopped at all costs! (usually homosexuality and adultery.) The cycle of self hatred turned into hypocrisy turned into a weapon against other people through legislation goes on.

“…the most lurid allegation that Trump hired pr*stitutes in Russia to urinate on each other in front of him on a bed that President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama had once used.” From linked Miami Herald article.

We can absolutely have fun without furthering the narrative that stigmatizes, denigrates and humiliates sex workers. Dated slurs should be put to rest: I won’t delve into semantics, to me and many other Intersectional Feminists, the word pr*stitute is loaded. It has never been used, or reclaimed to be anything positive the way that other words directed at women whom are said to “sell their bodies” (skank, slut, whore, bitch) have been.

If we cared about workers rights as much as we say we do, then it should be easy to have respect for the ‘oldest profession in history.’

Another thing to retire while we’re at it, is the insidious idea that a sex worker sells their body but a fast food employee, an over-worked nurse, a Sports Illustrated model, a coal miner and an accountant for a firm do not is ridiculous to me: In capitalist America everything is a commodity, your time and body being most precious and prone to exploitation for survival from entities and systems outside of yourself. Systems such as religion, patriarchy and capitalism which you did not “sign up for” at birth, systems where the interests and experiences of you and the people around you are not taken into account in order for said system to maintain itself. Profit over people is the dish of the day and no matter the profession, you are selling yourself… I mean, for Christ’s sake (someone whose ministry was supported by pr*stitutes) the concept of Selling Yourself is perfectly acceptable and literally encouraged and taught in the business and sales world in order to get that job!

Only an extremely privileged person can skip the roots behind the problem and dive into false equivalencies (sex workers and sex slaves aren’t the same thing) and feeling like there is a job that is beneath them. And I don’t say that to paint the stereotypical “woman down on her luck so she turns tricks” troupe. Weather you sell sex because you like the job perks and love to floss on Insta for the haters, or you gotta pay these bills and there are little options to keep the lights on, I understand that this is a decision you’ve made with yourself about your body and it’s none of my business at all. Capitalism and the Patriarchy have not been smashed, especially no thanks to Second Wave feminists whom much like the first wave, feministed from a very privileged and very non-radical point of view.

I personally have felt more like a whore washing vomit off the toilet of a drunken “classical” feminist housewife right after I just finished cleaning that bathroom because I knew that if I didn’t, I’d not get paid all the forty dollars I was owed for cleaning an entire house top to bottom, than I ever did entertaining the company of boring older men whose wallets were the only things I liked about them. Going out to eat and having passionless sex after was preferable to this treatment: This white woman would spend my cleaning time day-drunk, lecturing me about why I needed atheism and feminism in my life, the ways that both internal and external misogyny was to blame for my predicament (being an eighteen year old undocumented single mom, cleaning houses “when she’s so articulate and talented!”) reminding me that I missed a spot and “mistakenly” calling me Nita (my nickname is NINA, like Nina Simone, not like “Oh Nina, like Columbus’ ship!?” you ignorant, colonizing fuck.) What I didn’t know back then is that I needed feminism to protect me from women like her: She was no different from the judgy white women I went to church with, whom thought themselves too moral and studied in the word to self-criticize. Time is the most precious commodity, your mind and body are too, what you choose to do with and to preserve any of those are up to you and no one else.

I say this often but it is so true, I will continue writing it until it stops being true: For people whom insist that we are not seen as the sum of our reproductive organs, white feminists have such a weird way to objectify and at the same time glorify the female body.

Sex Worker exclusionary feminists are no comrades of mine, and they aren’t allies of yours either. They have a very uptight moralistic point of view and that is incompatible with Intersectionality and self-criticism.

I have already written about TERF’s (trans exclusionary radical feminists) here, I do hope you will want to give it a read as they oftentimes come together. Diverging from the usual Vegetarian friendly recipe, after the link, I will present you with a pescatarian #MeatlessMonday go to: a canned salmon (or tuna) cake recipe. Everyone knows how to cook a steak (sear each side with a dollop of butter for eight minutes for a delicious red center) so here is the fast, cheap surf recipe you never knew you needed!

You can always switch curry powder for virtually any type herb and spices combo.

1 can of pink salmon or two cans of tuna, drained.
1 egg.
1/2 cup of seasoned bread crumbs.
1/4 cup of green onions, chopped.
2 cloves of garlic, chopped.
1 tbsp of olive oil.
1 tsp of fish sauce, salt, pepper, cumin and curry powder.

Mix all ingredients (except oil) together in a bowl. Preheat oil. Using gloves, form into patties (makes about four large patties) and gently place in hot oil, turning gently until browned on both sides.