Meet Taylor Faisst —


Taylor started out as a moderator for @coastaljerseyadventures, but she’s an overachiever & decided she wanted to mod for SJA, as well. So, you probably know her from both accounts. She’s always so willing to volunteer her services & I’m so thankful for her help.

Taylor is a lifelong resident of Atlantic County & has been a waitress at Uncle Bill’s Pancake House in Ocean City for the past ten years. She’s also a talented professional photographer who specializes in portrait, couple, family, event, & landscape photography. (She does it all, folks!) However, she has a much more exciting career move coming this summer as a photographer for Ocean City Magazine!

Taylor loves adventuring in South Jersey Growing up in Atlantic County, she obviously loves the coastal region, as well as the Pine Barrens. She loves spending time on the beach during the off-season, hiking, taking pictures, and working with Amy and the SJA family.

(Her words; I swear!)

Honestly, I’m surprised that Taylor didn’t include pictures of her kitties for this because she is a crazy cat mommy of two adorable girls! She parents them with her boyfriend of nearly three years, Anthony, who is in the awesome band ‘Isn’t It Always?’.

Taylor is an artist at heart who enjoys crafting, drawing, painting, and doodling, in addition to her amazing photography.

Her favorite part of living here is that no matter where you are, you’re just a hop, skip, or jump away from everything; the city, the woods, the ocean. South Jersey is as diverse as they come!

She encourages everyone to check out Batsto Village, Ocean City (during the off-season), Forsythe Wildlife Refuge, Franklin Parker Preserve, & Jeffer’s Landing!

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