The 2018 Munchkin Fan Gift Guide

by Andrew Hackard

Just as we did last year, we’re here with our guide to last-minute shopping for the Munchkin fan in your life. If you don’t want to deal with Bad Stuff (or worse, Curses!), check out our newest Munchkin games and accessories!

Munchkin Party Time!

We’ll start with one of our newest releases, the Munchkin Party Pack. This 30-card set includes a 15-card expansion and 15 promotional cards you can give away as party favors (or stocking stuffers) . . . or just keep them for your own Munchkin collection.

If you’ve been asleep for all of 2018, you missed several other mini-expansions, including Munchkin Clowns, Munchkin Cheats, Munchkin Fowl Play, and my own new favorite, Munchkin Side Quests — unlock achievements and find a new way to win your Munchkin game!

Cooking by Starlight

Our big spring project was the fulfillment of the Munchkin Starfinder Kickstarter project. Even after that was done, the game sold so well that we’re planning a reprint for next spring . . . but if you can’t wait, you should definitely grab it now!

We also placed a new game in Barnes & Noble, Munchkin Crazy Cooks. You know how deadly the munchkins are in the dungeon; imagine how much mayhem they could create in the kitchen!

Right at the start of year, our favorite befuddled magician, Moop, made a return appearance in Munchkin Magical Mess, with more mixed-up, mashed-together monsters and treasures. Plus, you can still get Moop’s Monster Mashup to see where Moop got his start . . . and the games work together perfectly. Just shuffle the corresponding decks together and start playing!

Munchkin Collectible Card Game

The Munchkin Collectible Card Game hit store shelves in a big way in 2018! If you haven’t been playing this great new game, it’s not too late to get started — and one of the best ways to jump in is with the Introductory Set. In this box, you get all six Heroes, enough cards to build two Hero decks, and all the tokens and counters you need to start building decks and playing immediately.

If you just want to open a box and start playing immediately, pick up one of our three Starter Sets, pitting the Ranger against the Warrior, the Wizard against the Bard, or the Cleric against the Thief. These are designed so you can start a game right out of the box — no deck-building required!

For those of you who like building decks, we have plenty of 12-card booster packs: choose from the core season 1 boosters or our expansions: The Desolation of Blarg, Fashion Furious, and Grave Danger. Or get the Phat Pack and get five boosters plus two new cards not found in any of the other sets!

Christmas Time Is Here, By Golly

(Hat tip to the great Tom Lehrer for that section title!)

We have lots of holiday-themed sets and stocking stuffers for all you late shoppers. If you know someone who’s new to Munchkin, we recommend Munchkin Christmas Lite, a 112-card standalone game at an introductory price.

For those of you who already have Munchkin fans in your life, the Munchkin Gift Pack is a perfect purchase, because it has three pre-wrapped Munchkin games — just stick a gift tag on them and put them under the tree! (We included a key to the wrapping paper so you know what you’re giving, and we even supplied the gift tags for you.) You’ll get Munchkin Lite, Munchkin Grimm Tidings, and Munchkin Spell Skool, each playable on its own . . . or shuffle all three together for a very fun, very weird afternoon of Munchkin! The best part: the Gift Pack also includes five new Munchkin promo cards . . . and if you want to keep those for yourself, well, Santa needs some Munchkin love, too, right?


Finally, no Munchkin fan’s stocking would be completely stuffed without a selection of accessories from Warehouse 23. You can get dice, card sleeves (in sizes suitable for both Munchkin and theMunchkin Collectible Card Game), Munchkin coloring books, plastic Munchkin pawns, and all kinds of other stuff. Just click this link and start browsing!

However you choose to celebrate, we at Steve Jackson Games wish you a very happy holiday season. Thanks for your support, and we’ll see you in 2019!