This (my first blog post) was inspired by a one-line poem prompt… also by a drunk guy…

I’m new to medium so was a couple of weeks behind in getting the one-line poem prompt — BEAUTY — so I had the pleasure of reading all the other poem submissions before penning my own poem. I got some really great inspiration from a couple of the poems — one of them was about “Beauty marks”.

I myself have a birth mark — due to its colour, shape and position on my body it has MANY times been mistaken for a love bite — therefore I have been judged as someone who may sleep around or is proud to show off such a mark.

This is not the case and is something I have struggled with — even before I knew what a ‘hickey’ was and have been asked to prove that it’s not what people believe it to be. I’ve had people suggest I should have it photoshopped out of pictures. Many a time have a tried to cover up my mark in situations where I care way too much about what people think of me.

A few weeks ago while walking with a friend down the street, a man walking with no shoes (and who appeared to be drunk at 12noon) spoke the nicest words I had ever heard when referring to my mark… I love your birthmark — it’s in the shape of a heart! (it’s also over my own heart)

Not one person had ever correctly guessed it was a birthmark rather than a love bite – it was so nice to hear these lovely words about something I have been conscious of my whole adult life (or since I learnt what a hickey was!) and those words came from a complete stranger — thanks drunk guy :)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but not only that it’s what lies beneath. I could of judged a guy for being drunk and wearing no shoes in the middle of the day but he ended up making mine!

So rather than just writing a poem about this subject I thought it I would also explain its meaning also…

I will now refer to my birth mark as a beauty mark rather than thinking of it as a birth mark or defect.

From now I try to see the world with my heart and not my eyes

Her beauty mark showed the shape of her heart…

Her beauty mark showed the shape of her heart…

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