Sarah Price
Jan 3, 2018 · 1 min read

I think your list for to-do apps is pretty spot on. I love to do lists and use them in different forms. Usually I use paper notes and have re entry switched to sticky notes so I can put them where I’m more likely to see them.

Apple’s to-do app is alright, I agree that its pretty basic. I don’t like the way it’s arranged and the way you can tag stuff is annoying. I’ve been using the list feature in Notes though and I don’t mind that as much.

So far some of my favorite to do lists are on Momentum Google new tab. I like to keep a to do list there so when I open a new tab I don’t forget what I’m doing. I also use a simple extension that I find easy and helpful to use.

My biggest wishes with to do lists is that I want to give different hierarchies and see everything at once. That would be nice.

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