Le podcast n’est plus un média niche. Youpi ! Alors qu’il y a une poignée d’émissions très connues, celles-ci ne forment que la partie émergée de l’iceberg. Voici une liste de dix titres que vous n’avez pas encore écoutés. Cette liste comprend les formats de l’actualité, des témoignages et des narratives et ne se limite pas aux podcasts “intra-muros”. Tendez l’oreille !


Pour les fans des formats courts comme Culture Générale ou Maintenant, vous savez, essayez l’équivalent québécois ! C’est fun, efficace et l’accent… c’est tiguidou !

Avec un épisode hebdo de dix minutes, je comprends toujours l’actu autrement avec le journaliste expérimenté Nicolas Poincaré et le talent frais de Fabien Randrianarisoa. Le duo s’attaque aux sujets complexes de façon accessible et sans condescendance : les ciseaux génétiques, les organisations terroristes au Maghreb, le vaccin contre le coronavirus… ce podcast mérite bien son titre.

Que se passerait-il si toutes les radios publiques francophones réalisaient un podcast sur la politique américaine ? Les…

Hey you, sitting at home. Sick of the screens? Are your favourite podcasts on hiatus? Do you just need to escape into something else for a bit? I feel you, and I got you. Here are eight picks that hooked me in from start to finish. I hope you find something new to you!

As 2019 saw the French market rapidly grow and mature, professionalisation was the topic du jour at the second annual Paris Podcast Festival.

The 2018 battle cry for podcasting in France was “We’re here!”, and 2019 is a resounding “We mean business”: A union of independent audio producers was announced. Public broadcasters are upping their on-demand offer while many new players are entering the audio space: platforms, brands, and legacy media. Content continues to improve and diversify, yet which parts of the industry have yet to “industrialise”? How is a maturing French podcasting ecosystem going to look and sound different from other markets like Australia, the UK or the US?

I’ve been working at NETIA, a radio software company, since January 2019. I…

Here you can find audio articles I’ve written for other publications.

There’s a whole world of podcasting out there. Here are some great picks to break out of the U.S. podcast bubble.

Stock photo from Broadly

Podcasting is a wonderful medium for its potential to connect people. Stories from around the world aren’t subject to the same border restrictions as TV, film, and online news (ahem, GDPR non-compliance). The accessibility of podcasts creates a nearly endless variety of content that can serve even the smallest niche audiences — everyone can find their tribe. Yet one market currently dominates…

The U.S. podcast offering is a monolith. The variety is so vast and the quality so high that you could find pretty much anything without venturing beyond the borders. But I’ve been making a conscious effort to do…

After a victorious first crack at hacking audio solutions at Radio Hack Europe in Vienna, I came back for round two. The first Rebounce Audio hackathon took place 24–26 January. My team and I prototyped an Alexa skill to allow users to access additional content on a given subject within a news report via voice command.

The hackathon was held during the Salon de la Radio, an annual radio industry conference in Paris. When I registered for the hack there was a call for project proposals. The organisers laid out two paths: “new editorial content” or “use cases for new…

Premium video adaptations of news content are gaining traction as a viable revenue stream. A news story is no longer anchored to its original form, and many are finding their way to the screen via Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and others. Here’s a look at how publishers can get on the lights, camera, action!

Monetisation and sustainability are constant concerns for media organisations and a new source of revenue has been creeping into view — literally. More publishers are moving into premium video content by striking deals (and gold) with TV and film production companies. Vox and BuzzFeed have launched Netflix shows. Condé Nast is moving into feature films. Podcasting is exploding with on-screen adaptations. Countless podcasts are being courted by the likes of Amazon, HBO and Hulu — all for on screen adaptations. …

Podcasting “Made in France”, notes from the Paris Podcast Festival

As a podcast listener of ever-increasing severity, when I moved to France in 2012, I thought: what a great way to practice my French! But then after looking and asking and listening around, it seemed French podcasts were nowhere to be found. Sure, there were radio shows available as a podcast download, but as these shows were born for broadcast, they couldn’t hold my attention as a non-linear listener. There were too many panelists talking over each other. No, these shows were produced for mass audiences listening live.

Then, in a couple years time, there were some rumblings, Slate France…

Dig deep into these delicious audio œuvres.

For this round of podcast recommendations, here are some of my recent obsessions. Over the past few months, these are the podcasts I devoured in their entirety from the first episode. They are all very satisfying for the completionist — none have more than a couple dozen episodes. Get ready to binge: just in time for summer road trips.

On 16–18 March, I participated in Radio Hack Europe, organised as part of the Radiodays Europe conference. I’ve been running media hackathons since 2014, but this was my first time as part of a team. Could I hack it?

The prompt for the hackathon was to come up with a prototype for the future of radio: “The innovation can come in the form of a new app, a new storytelling format or hardware that didn’t exist before.”

I’d been thinking about making audio more socially sharable. Podcasting has a discovery problem which is related to how difficult it is to share, especially short clips. There are quite a few tools to share short audio clips, but most of them are publisher tools and nothing has become industry standard yet. There’s Podclipper, which is a paid service for podcast publishers…

Sarah Toporoff

Publisher Manager, Podinstall @BababamAudio. Previously @NETIA_software , #EditorsLab @GENinnovate . I always know where my towel is. (she/elle)

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