A New Chapter + Thank You

I will be leaving Immortals this week and before I continue in my next exciting chapter with GankStars (stay tuned for a big announcement early next week), I want to thank those who have been a positive impact on me.

First off, Immortals has been the best esports organization I have had the lucky pleasure of being a part of. Not only do they have such amazing talent and leadership at all levels, they “get it” and understand the bigger picture and the role they play in this emerging esports ecosystem. They have taken great care of all their players, especially our Vainglory team — DNZio, ttigers, MaxGreen, Xelciar, and HotSauceUT. Although I am very sad to leave such a great org and team to pursue another opportunity, I am proud to call them my friends and share how these young players — kiddos — have inspired and positively impacted me to be a better coach, leader and a better person. Thank you Riley, Ray, Daniel, Alexander, and Mark for epic memories, always believe in yourself and your teammates and together, you guys can accomplish anything you put your heart and mind to.

Noah and Nick as well as all the awesome IMT staff — Jon, Ricky, Ryan, Mateus, etc. — it’s been a pleasure getting to know you guys and working with you all. Noah, you are an uber visionary and have such a deep cerebral understanding of this space, what your staff/teams need, and how to take each big step in deeply meaningful ways to grow IMT — it’s truly awe-inspiring. Nick, thanks for being such a hands-on GM, you have made a huge impact since joining IMT and not just on the cool results, but more importantly how the teams feel — their health and happiness reflect that. I appreciate the care and support as well as your leadership and guidance during my time at IMT.

I’m really looking forward to this next entrepreneurial chapter. Some of you don’t know but I spent 4 years growing up as a high school kid in South Korea — the heart of esports — during a time when esports experienced it’s growth spurt. It was when Starcraft esports just exploded and I witnessed an E-Mart Mall across from my apartment build a little Starcraft arena inside it’s large arcade area. Then I attended many local tournaments that started kicking off and they were constantly packed — I felt it, in a language I hardly spoke and it was something special to behold. I’ve had fortunate life experiences when it comes to esports, not many people “get it” because they didn’t grow up in it, many think esports “industry” vs esports ecosystem, many one dimensionally think live on stage events and don’t discern that fundamentally esports is a social mode of expression — a way of life. I’m lucky to have dabbed in and worked alongside so many cool characters as a pro player, coach, co-founder, biz dev, Twitch partnered streamer, desk analyst (the most fun job I ever had!), caster, and online/offline league organizer & operator. Those experiences along with my business and leadership background were what I needed to be more of expert so I can work towards making a significant, positive impact in this space — thank you to all those who have helped, mentored, and cared for me along that journey.

Here’s to the past, present, and future friends who are and will be a big part of my journey — the next few years are going to be the happiest, rewarding, and most challenging.

Carpe diem…!

Jeff “SuiJeneris” Chau
COO, GankStars.gg

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