VidCon Debrief

Hank, I hope you read the comments people have left here and note how most are simple criticism (of your points), not harassment. These are the same people who criticise Anita. They are not harassing anyone.

You have released this statement after talking with only one party involved in this dispute “the aggressor”. You have taken her word for everything while simultaneously admitting you do not know all the facts.

Yet, you blindly take the aggressors’ side because you were told that women are the primary victims of online abuse. They are not. You have failed the victim. Refused to give him a fair hearing. And smeared the character of an entire YouTube “community”.

Anita has been insulting and defaming people for years. Not just content creators but their audiences. Most of us have never even communicated with Anita yet she labels us harassers and worse.

Many of us are your audience too and you throw us under the bus. Why? Could it be that like Boogie, you are afraid to get on her bad side, because you know that would be bad for your wellbeing and career?

Please reconsider your stance and look into matters further.

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