Why Instagram Stories will never replace Snapchat (at least for now)

Instagram released an update with a new feature named „Stories“ and even Instagram’s CEO Kevin Systrom said: „Snapchat deserves all the credit“. It’s a clear Snapchat rip-off, but Instagram’s users start to pick up this newish feature more and more — here is why:

  • they are familiar with it already
  • it’s easier to find people’s Stories on Instagram than it is on Snapchat
  • you don’t have to switch between apps (all-in-one)
  • the view-count is currently higher than on SC (getting back to this later)
  • IG added some features that Snapchat did not - these do make sense but also do kinda miss the purity of this beautiful medium that Snapchat created

Snapchat is the clear winner when it comes to usability - it’s going to be interesting to see when Instagram will add all the other features like f.e. zooming or double-tapping to switch cameras while filming - or the face-recognition filters from the MSQRD filter app Facebook purchased earlier this year.

“You should start seeing the big picture behind the IG-logo overhaul now.”

My guess is that IG-Stories has been on a whiteboard for quite some time already and you should start seeing the big picture behind the IG-logo overhaul now. IG knows that it’s users don’t like drastic changes so let’s start with something we all already know and then release new features step by step to match today’s bulimic sharing needs. It’s even like I can smell a big cash-flow opportunity for IG to enable promoting Stories - which is especially interesting for bigger companies.

I do understand why Instagram did this step and I do also understand why people are jumping on this bandwagon like crazy - BUT it will not threaten Snapchat for now - here is why:

IG-Stories does work great, no problems, acceptable first-launch feature-set and a really easy explore function - but the users (you and me) are the ones that will not be able to handle it the right way.

“People are rarely interested in your daily normal-life routine.”

People are treating IG-Stories already like Snapchat-Stories, but it just isn’t the same. SC once introduced this pure and self-destoying new way of sharing everything that is not good enough for your polished social media feeds and having these two sources of content separated from each other is a good thing, because trust me, if you are not a celebrity already people are rarely interested in your daily normal-life routine or simply don’t have enough time to care.

It’s also quite possible that you do lift a curtain that should have remained closed and there is no way to undo that. Emmanuel Cole once said something like: „I love IG because you can create your own reality“ and this is the main reason why people are following you - the red line and feeling in your content/images, the well picked profile image and your photography topic in general.

Your following is interested primarily in your imaginary and if they’d like to see more they would have already chased you down on Snapchat - so think twice about what you’d like to post on IG-Stories - it will not necessarily kill all the mystery you created but it can do more harm than good.

Here is my opinion how you should use IG-Stories:

  1. make it quick: it’s not Snapchat - the usual scenario is that you got a bigger following on IG than on SC and seeing the view-count on your first IG-Stories posts will motivate you, but be aware that there are now millions of people using Stories and nobody can watch your even 1 minute long one - you’ll see a heavily decreasing number towards the end of your story the longer it gets.
  2. Use it wisely and do think before you post something! SC is known to be a kind of trash-bin or creative-outlet for all the stuff around you, but IG-Stories should NOT be the same! You invest lots of time in location scouting and editing so why not in your Stories content? Use it to f.e. underline your most recent post and keep some mystery alive!
  3. Please don’t use IG or SC-Stories as a vlog replacement and kill everybody’s mobile-data plan with your 10th latte-shot or Uber-ride - just start vlogging then and be more picky!
  4. Use Instagram’s apps like Boomerang or Hyperlapse (Hyperlapse is extremely good) to give your story a non-Snapchat character
  5. If it’s not really important - use SC to create your Story first (because the usability is way better at the moment) and upload it to IG-Stories when you do have reviewed the footage and a good Wi-Fi spot with a Matcha-Latte.

There surely are exceptions and IG-Stories can also be a stepping stone for many - this here is just my personal opinion (for now). It will be interesting to see what will happen to Instagram in future, because for now it’s the biggest move from FB/IG to not be the next Twitter, after nearly destroying it’s community with the suggested user list and crazy sorting algorithms.

“Don’t let any article by any means stop you from creating and living your artistic freedom.”

Please let me add this to an already way too long Medium article: just do your thing! Don’t let any article by any means stop you from creating and living your artistic freedom - this is my personal (as objective as possible) opinion and sure you can make a long Story from time to time - but use this power wisely!

Hope you enjoyed this little article and if you like you can check out my app SKRWT and please feel free to click on recommend!

Love & symmetry,


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