Dear Medium designers, high five.

Apps launch every day with key features missing. With that many of those groups scramble to meet demand. The result? Normally average at best.

Ever since Medium on iOS launched we all have been clamoring for search and the ability to write from the bright objects that extend from our hands.

What Medium could have done is rushed to please the masses and sure, we would have used it. We may not have loved it though. This however, I love this and I love that they took the time to do it well.

What I enjoy most about the interface is that you only get the elements you need when you need them. Keyword there being NEED. I am exhausted over mobile screens sacrificing space for search boxes and pointless buttons. I don’t need those on load. If I do, then clearly the interface has failed and is admitting that you won’t be able to do or find shit.

It may sound obvious but the search page is perfect to me. No need to give us a little preview of the content that we were just on. No transparency to comfort us. “Oh no! Where has all that stuff I was looking at gone?!” Want to search? BOOM. White screen. Flashing cursor. Obvious experience.

Composing is equally awesome. No goofy circle menu to ogle at as if we are cave men. Everything I need to write this post is hanging out just above my thumbs. What’s up helpful tools? Nice to see you always present for me to use. Like right now. Let’s use those kick ass tools!

Medium’s app interface is such a well crafted experience. You should use it right now and be pleased with your life.
- Me. Right now.

This isn't a love story. This is just some normal every day designer giving props to creativity and patience. May it be motivation to us all.

Thanks for the awesome Medium.

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