What is privEOS?

PrivEOS is a decentralized key management system developed by Slant Ltd. that can be used by decentralized applications to securely store and exchange sensitive data. It allows you to encrypt the data and then store the encryption key safely and securely on the privEOS node network. Within privEOS, the key is split into a number of pieces using Shamir Secret Sharing and distributed to the nodes, one piece each. Since each node only possesses a single piece of your key, no information about the key itself or the data you encrypted with it is leaked. Your dApp contract defines the rules under which the decryption key can be revealed to a party. The final reassembly of the key again happens on the user’s device. The full key is never stored or revealed to any party within the privEOS node network, that’s what makes it so exceptionally secure. Slant Ltd. …

Executive Summary

The privEOS system from Slant Ltd. has undergone a security audit performed by the german pentesting company Cure53. No security vulnerabilities could be found, validating Slant’s development practices. If you are interested in the details, here is the link to the full audit report.

After spending twelve days on the scope in July 2019, four members of the Cure53 team confirm that the Slant privEOS system is mostly vulnerability-free. - Cure53’s Audit Report

What is a security audit?

For a privacy protocol like privEOS, information and data security is of utmost importance. That’s why Slant has taken a security-first approach while designing and building the various components that make up privEOS. …

Wordproof.io and Slant.li, the maker of the privEOS privacy technology, are pleased to announce a partnership that will help bring decentralized privacy to a mass audience.

WordProof.io brings the benefits of blockchain to the world of content in a user-friendly way. The privEOS protocol enables developers to build zero-knowledge applications that allow users to securely exchange information without anybody (not even the application itself) being able to listen in. Due to smart contract integration, there is no need to trust a centralized entity with that information.

“Being able to use the privEOS privacy protocol is a godsend for us since there is no longer the need to have a honeypot of sensitive user data on our servers. Everything is safely locked away on the blockchain with the user retaining full control over their own data. The privEOS technology is an important building block for several of the products we work on.” …

People should be empowered to take control over their data to get incentivized for sharing it with 3rd parties. But doing it in a scalable and UX friendly way is the real challenge.

We’re still in the early days of research to find out how everyone, regardless of their tech knowledge, can share their data in a decentralized setting and be sure they get rewarded properly. You need to make sure that even if a user is not online, you can still decrypt their data for a possible buyer without knowing the private key of the data producer. …

The growing number of blockchains that support smart contract development has been steadily rising in the past two years. While each chain has its own unique attributes that may suite a particular business case, there is also a great opportunity to combine each one’s advantages to create a fully interoperable ecosystem. We’ll explore the three main options that Slant can choose for its opinion market and how we plan to evolve in each scenario.

  1. EOS
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In an effort to provide developers a highly scalable smart contract blockchain, the EOS team offered thousands of transactions per second when they launched with only .5 seconds finality per block. Although with a centralized dPOS consensus, EOS is a fantastic candidate for Slant due to its storage for big files, flexible smart contracts made with C++ and the focus on combining code with the legal side through Ricardian Contracts. …

Why your opinion and decentralization are a match made in heaven

At Slant, we believe in an empowered society where opinion is an inevitable part of value creation.

The Big Picture

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Every opinion matters

In human history fundamental events such as the agricultural revolution changed the long term prospect of our society. People started to cultivate land and domesticate animals. For the first time, people began to structure resources forming a society characterized by social stratification. Another event was the industrial revolution. Human labor got enriched by machines. …



We are developing systems for private data computation and data marketplaces in distributed environments. Join us on Telegram: https://t.me/SLANT_official

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