How does drinking affect your dating life?

Slo Down Wines pulls back the covers to find out.

Does your date become more attractive after a little (or a lot) of booze? Does a glass of wine make you want to take your pants off and dim the lights? Does getting buzzed prevent you from getting off? These are the burning questions that keep us up at night.

Coupling our curiosity with the need to celebrate the orgasmic release of the 2014 vintage of Sexual Chocolate, we at Slo Down Wines (an unconventional wine brand with a portfolio of delicious, yet approachable wines, and a passion for sexy statistics in case you’re wondering) posed these extremely personal and invasive questions and more to a group of approximately 325 men and 325 women. From the preferred date drink, to the alcohol that puts people in the mood for some not-so-tender touching, the survey offered some insights into today’s world of dating and drinking. The results may or may not surprise you.

Survey results: key findings

If you’re the type to order some booze to help get you through a date, you’re not alone. 66 percent of our respondents said they usually drink on a date, with men and women ranking almost evenly in their desire to get loose while out with a potential marriage candidate or one night stand. Of the 66 percent of respondents who like to drink when on a date, 54 percent of men order beer, while women prefer wine (36.1 percent) or cocktails (39.9 percent).

Survey results: date drinks of choice

The survey also found that beer goggles might actually just be a thing…for guys anyway. One in three respondents found their dates easier on the eyes after a few drinks, with men more likely to feel drunk on love than women. Almost 40 percent of men, compared to 30 percent of women said that they found their dates more babelicious after a couple. Sounds like everyone took Missy Elliot’s advice and started viewing their date through the bottom of an empty drink glass.

But how many drinks did it take it to find the other more attractive? Three is the magic number — of those who responded positively, 46 percent of men and 41.8 percent of women found their date more appealing after three drinks. And interestingly enough, (this is where the real science comes in) even though some respondents found their dates more bangable after a couple of drinks, they didn’t feel the need for a liquid courage confidence boost. 66 percent of respondents indicated that alcohol does not make them feel more attractive. (Despite survey results: Slo Down Wines will only make you feel sexier, we promise).

Survey results: the laws of attraction

While alcohol won’t make you feel like the next Beyonce or Ryan Gosling, it does put some of you in the mood. 60 percent of respondents indicated that they feel like bumpin’ and grindin’ after a few drinks.

So, you’re probably thinking “what kind of drink should I be ordering for the table on my next date?” (Yeah, we got you). According to the survey, 44 percent of men and 34 percent of women said that cocktails do the trick for them, with red wine (like Sexual Chocolate 2014) the second most popular choice for women.

However, the relationship between getting off and drinking is no match made in heaven. 13 percent of people surveyed said they can’t orgasm after a few drinks (remember that the next time someone falls asleep on top of you). On the flipside, almost half of those who always finish are men, compared with 20 percent of women. Remember gentlemen; nice guys finish last, so women can finish first.

Survey results: getting off when drinking

Finally, when it comes to uncharted sexual territory, 20 percent of respondents said they like to experiment after a few drinks. Side Note: Sexual Chocolate goes with gags and whips. But (hurray!), men and women almost tied in their desire to turn on the lights and get weird with a few drinks on board.

Survey results: experimentation

So there you have it, beer goggles are a thing for dudes. Drinking makes everyone else seem more attractive, except, well yourself, and cocktails AND red wine (that part is important) are more likely to put women in the mood. So, go out and find that other person who’s down to dress up as a furry after a bottle of wine and celebrate the release of Sexual Chocolate 2014 with us.

About Sexual Chocolate 2014

Sexual Chocolate 2014 is proud to support the sexual endeavors of couples everywhere. Born from a bootlegging operation in a garage and now turning the wine world on its head, our 2014 vintage, a Syrah/Malbec blend is charismatic, irreverent, and completely contagious — just like the people who make it. With an immediate impression of ripe red cherry, dark berry and an array of exotic spices on the nose, it pairs perfectly with sugar or spice, awkward first dates or silver wedding anniversaries. For food pairings, think Thai food or barbecued ribs. For personal pairings, think sweaty summer activities that don’t require clothing. The silky soft texture is a delight and flavors of blackberry, cherry cola, dark chocolate only enhance any sexy experience. Join us in celebrating all the good things in with the new vintage of Sexual Chocolate 2014.

Slo Down Wines Sexual Chocolate 2014

Disclaimer: Consuming Slo Down Wines will not make your date more attractive, make you less attractive, or improve your sexual performance. Batteries are not included, condoms sold separately — be safe, kids and enjoy responsibly (ish).

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