Brief Overview of Technical Solutions

Intro: $700bn Market

SLOGN is a platform leveraging Blockchain, Smart contracts and machine learning to organize the logistics industry in a new decentralized way.

The US trucking industry generates over $700 billion a year in revenue, but it is very fragmented. With over 400K trucking companies, 20K freight brokers, 3.5 million drivers and many software applications, it is impossible for suppliers and carriers to connect and collaborate on a single platform to share data and optimize resources for the benefit of everyone. Deadhead miles alone are costing each truck $5k per year in losses.

What is SLOGN Platform

SLOGN Platform is an open API system with principles that will help open source contributors integrate their widgets in the system. Instead of competing with each other, the software development community now has a chance to unite and coordinate their efforts to build a more functional software that will be utilized by a larger audience.


are designated to help existing software applications plug into the blockchain based ecosystem.


is a multilayer software designated for miners.

Node computation capacity is distributed between blockchain validation problems which are going to become more and more efficient over time. Better optimization of the industry will be achieved through running business logics, heuristic and machine learning challenges.

Visual Wizads for smart contracts.

Technology has to be straightforward and uncomplicated for users, and visual wizards for smart contracts is SLOGN’s way to simplify an otherwise confusing system. It includes domain events and action chains in a simple format of charts which represent business cases and distribution of value.

SLOGN’s Goal

is to make the logistics market more decentralized and cooperative for everyone’s benefit. A logistics company within SLOGN’s ecosystem is able to present their needs and opportunities to the network which consists of decentralized exchanges. Businesses and their trucks in the network are working as one coordinated unit to deliver the commodities in the most efficient way possible, avoiding dead heads and empty miles. That is enabled through SLOGN system of real time bidding.

User Experience

For a user, SLOGN is presented in a simple responsive and interactive user interface on web and mobile devices. This ease of use along with commercial benefit is a guarantee of SLOGN adoption among truckers.

Business cases


With visual representation of contracts and their structured data model, decision makers can measure profitability in a simpler way.

Escrow, factoring and Instant Pay

become the reality with smart contracts.

Partner verification and reputation become transparent since

past experience is saved into blockchain.

Additional Payments Claims

is an issue currently with limited time frames due to the claim and bureaucracy associated with it. Such claims will happen instantly and are subject to immediate reimbursement.

Resources exchange and coordination.

Oftentimes, a single company has inefficiency of empty miles (also know as deadhead miles), schedule overlaps and conflicts that a group of companies could would be able to solve together, increasing profits for everyone.

SLOGN’s mission is to leverage blockchain, supply an open source and network philosophy to increase efficiency in the logistics industry; bring optimization to mid and small size companies, as well as efficiently connect them with the large players for everyone’s benefit.