SLOGN Logistics Cases: Communication and Paperwork Issues

Geo Fences

Many hours are wasted on phone calls to relay arrival and departure information between driver, carriers and suppliers. There is no system that alerts the shippers and receivers about the delay and early arrivals of trucks that can help them prepare accordingly. For drivers that are hauling refrigerated freight it is costing them 15–30 minutes of drive time whenever they are required to pre-cool reefers. Problems such as these are easily resolved by SLOGN Geo Fence technology.


Once trucks have arrived at shipping/receiving facilities, SLOGN Geo-Fences alert the back-office. The reefer units automatically turn on for pre-cooling when close to shipping facilities. It alerts shipping/receiving facilities about the ETA of trucks which allows them to be ready for shipping or receiving freight. Transit path and transit requirements (e.g. empty/loaded scale, driver loading/unloading, lumper, pre-cool reefer temperature, transit temperature etc.) are preprogrammed in the system.

Communication via Fax/Phone/Emails

Freight brokers, carriers, and drivers waste too much time communicating with each other trying to initiate new contracts and exchange load related information, which could be anything from booking new loads, billing, incidents, route changes etc.


SLOGN web and mobile application allow carriers to work seamlessly and communicate efficiently with brokers and drivers by automating the process such as booking loads, contracts, and exchanging load related informations. Truckers/Brokers and Brokers/Customers work seamlessly to exchange pickup/delivery info, book loads, sign contracts, and receive notifications for loading/loading in and out time, detention charges, loading/unloading lumper charges, empty/loaded scale tickets if required, and temperature reports if required. Every requirement is pre-programmed into the system and is readily available to the trucker/broker/carrier/customer.

Manual Paperwork

Carriers, shippers and freight brokers are manually managing their accounting and compliance paperwork. Mishandling of compliance and accounting data causes company both loss of business and loss of revenue. More importantly, these small carriers have no clear insight into their financial and compliance data. Carriers and brokers are able to automate their accounting and compliance paperwork. These tools come with built in verification and approval features so that the customers never lose important accounting papers and never miss registration and license deadlines. Moreover, it provides clear insight into their financial and compliance data which gives them a great competitive advantage. Our streamlined automation of data entry, documentation management, approval structure, and ROI calculations offer unique advantages to our customers over manually managing their business or competitive offerings.


Hours of Service, annual inspection, any mechanical or electrical fault, license and registration deadlines are automatically updated in the system.

Compliance Paperwork

In order to work in the transportation industry, suppliers, carriers and drivers need to comply with federal regulations listed in 49 CFR 391 (CFR — Code of Federal Regulations). These regulations are monitored by FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). Since most businesses rely on manual paperwork, it is very easy to miss registration and renewal deadlines which results in huge penalties and lower business ratings.


SLOGN tracks licenses, registrations (fees and filings), hours of services, DQF (Driver Qualification File), insurances, inspections, maintenances etc, and sends alerts and notifications for renewals or errors in filing.