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What area of the creative industries do you work in and why does it interest you?

I am currently working freelance in costume for film and television and as a fine artist but it’s been nine months since starting out so I’m still finding my feet. I like working in costume because I’m interested in creating a believable character, which requires research into the period and text that you’re working from. I think film is a fascinating art form and can be a very effective and flexible way of showing an opinion. I’ve always painted and recently decided to take my practice further by developing my skills as well as selling and exhibiting my work.

How accessible do you think jobs in the creative industries are?

I don’t think jobs in film and television are that accessible, it does largely depend on who you know because the majority of jobs aren’t advertised. Luckily, a few schemes have been set up over the last couple of years that have helped people like myself to make those contacts.

How important are mentors in the creative industries?

I think mentors are a very useful aid to young people starting out as there are many aspects of working in the creative industries that can be daunting even to experienced professionals. For example, the worry that comes with constantly having to find your next job, how to market yourself as a brand and understanding how to do taxes as both a self-employed sole-trader and an employed freelancer.

What would you change about the industry you work in?

If I could change anything about the industries that I’m in, it would be that there are clearer guidelines for finding work and more open opportunities to get those jobs.

Tell us one fun fact about you.

One fun fact about me is that I can hula-hoop on my nose!

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