Canadian coach, Justin Wadsworth, helps Russian skier, Anton Gafarov, during the 2014 Winter Olympics

I got an email the other day from an old friend. A former coworker of hers was feeling down about her current job and wanted some advice on what to do next. I hadn’t met this person before, but I agreed to introduce her to a few people in my network and gave her my two cents on how to make the transition she wanted.

After thanking me profusely for the help, she mentioned that if there was any way she could return the favor, I shouldn’t hesitate to ask.

At this point, you’re probably wondering why you just wasted…

A few months ago, I quit my job to help found a health and wellness company. At the moment, we’re in the Pre-Everything stage — no product, no customers, no revenue. Everybody works from home, nobody’s getting a paycheck.

One thing I wasn’t prepared for when I took the leap was how often I’d have to give our elevator pitch and to how many different types of people. It always seems to come out of nowhere — I’ll be playing a game of Catan with old co-workers or out to dinner with my girlfriend’s parents when the question arises:


Investors pay close attention: If you’re looking for the next Yo, the next Potato Parcel, the next Uber meets SnapChat with the UI of Slack and the virality of Tinder, you’ve come to the right place.

You see, I’ve spent the last few months in all out brainstorm mode. The good ideas have been put towards a startup called Incremental, which I helped found back in February. The bad ideas? Well they’re right here of course!

Bad Idea #1: PerspectiveBot

Greetings from startup ground zero.

Pre-product, pre-revenue, pre-funding.
Pre-office, pre-benefits, pre-commute.
Pre-networking, pre-meetings, pre-pants…

It’s a time that rarely gets talked about in the startup echo chamber. There are no milestones to celebrate, no product launches to announce, no new customers to flaunt… just three ex-coworkers who, back in February, came together around an idea and a mutual distaste for another round of traditional employment. It won’t last forever, but I think things are going pretty well.

Here’s what we’ve got so far…

  • An idea! We’ve landed on a concept in the health and wellness space. This idea took a…

Sam Laber

Founder, CMO at Spoonful

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