SLife Monthly Progress ( Sep & Oct)

Technology Development

1. The V1.0 version of main chain which supports EVM has completed. The main chain is based on DPoS. The inner test environment is able to support 2000–3000TPS. The main chain is going to support WASM.

2. The V1.0 version of sub-chain is based on PBFT to support EVM. The sub chain is able to support nodes generation and to automatically deploy certifier nodes on main chain.

3. Using FTS(Follow the Satoshi) algorithm which is a random algorithm based on weight to complete randomly select sub-chain consensus nodes.

Product Progress

SLifeX App

1. SLifeX has information, market trends, wallet and discovery functions.

2. Improve system security mechanism, optimize message and other functions security encryption mechanism and rules limited mechanism.

3. Add digital assets using scenario in SLifeX.

4. Co-operate with many main chains to provide token using scenario in SLifeX for them.

5. The new version is going to publish on November.

Marketing Activities

1. SLife participated in WanXiang International Blockchain Week

From 10th — 12th September, SLife participated in the summit as an important partner of the WanXiang International Blockchain Week, and set up a booth to show the SLifeX App. In the 3-day show, SLife received 2000 people. The staff introduced the four major functions of SLifeX, namely, asset management, market display, industry express and accommodation booking.

2.SLife successfully launched SLifeX Production Release Conference

On September 11, SLife held a SLifeX Product Release Conference at the W Hotel on the Bund, announcing that SLifeX, an eco-product for offline commercial spaces, was officially launched. Guibin ,SLife co-founder , and more than 100 guests, including over 30 investment institutions representatives and guesthouse representatives, attended the conference. SLifeX, as SLife’s ecological entrance, is a digital asset purse that empowers the real economy, and will create a new co-sharing, co-building, co-owning community ecology. Gui said that in the three-year medium-term planning, SLife plans to develop at least 30,000 offline commercial space into ecological communities. Starting from this, SLifeX will create multi-scene, strong-operation community ecology.

3. SLife joined the Shanghai JZ Music Festival

On September 22nd -23, SLife took part in the fourteenth Shanghai Jazz Festival. In this activity, SLife is mainly promoting SLifeX for people outside the chain. Depending on the blockchain technology, it has been widely recognized by people from all walks of life to open up the channels of residential consumption scenarios and digital asset management. In the 2-day exhibition, SLife received more than 2000 guests.

4.Guibin, SLife co-founder, attended the Food Technology Forum and delivered a speech

On September 26, Gui Bin, SLife co-founder, attended the September Forum on Food Technology and Food Chain Economy and delivered a speech entitled Evolution: From Traditional Internet to BlockChain Ecology. Gui Bin noted that, based on blockchain technology, SLife communities can better link small but beautiful businesses, operators and consumers, and participants in the ecosystem.

5.SLife successfully held the first phase of “MASK” Technology Salon

On September 27th, SLife held the “MASK” blockchain Technology Salon together with Huoqiu and YunSai space. The theme of this issue is: the development and application of slicing technology. At the same time, Mr. Kong Lingguo, MOAC Shanghai Operations Director, Mr. Li Jun, Vice President of Jingtong Science and Technology, Mr. Kang Feng, President of Topo Block Chain University, Ms. Hu Shumin, co-founder of Topo Block Chain University and SLife Product Manager were invited to share the technology and development of BlockChain

6.SLife joined Trusted Blockchain Alliance

From October 9th to October 10th, Mr. Gong Haigang, co-founder of SLife, was invited to attend the 2018 Trusted BlockChain Conference jointly sponsored by the China Institute of Information and Communications, China Communications Standardization Association and the Trusted BlockChain Promotion Program.

Trusted Blockchain includes digital trustworthiness, engineering trustworthiness, management trustworthiness and application trustworthiness. It will provide finance, traceability, supply chain, industry and other scenario application services for government enterprises.

SLife joined the Trusted Blockchain Alliance through the Council’s approval as a full member.

SLife is a blockchain based decentralized circulation system to empower offline business