SM-ART NFT introduces multi-disciplinary artist and photographer Gabriel Dean Roberts to its latest line up of beautiful investments

Here at Sm-ART-NFT our mission is to unite investors with visually stunning masterpieces that will excite and delight — all via the ease and efficiency of blockchain technology.

Unlike other platforms, which purely deal in digitised assets, we are the first blockchain-based platform that allows anyone, including the small investor, to buy, sell and take advantage of part-ownership of unique, highly sought-after assets, including fine art masterpieces, sculptures and luxury jewellery.

Part of our work is uncovering emerging artists who showcase individuality, flair and talent and who can be appreciated by art aficionados and fledgling followers alike. Therefore, we are thrilled to be working with multi-disciplinary artist and photographer Gabriel Dean Roberts and offering fractional ownership of his breathtaking modern art masterpieces.

Who is Gabriel Dean Roberts?

Gabriel is a fine art photographer living in New York City who uses a classical and naturalistic approach to capture his subjects. He takes his inspiration from Caravaggio, Rembrandt and Gerome, focusing on flowers and accentuating their glory to instil a sense of awe and humility in their characteristics. His work has been published in Vogue and Vice and featured at MOMA PS1 and Superchief Gallery NFT in New York as well as Noon gallery in Brussels, Belgium. He has sold more than 160 NFTs since offering his artwork for fractional shares in March 2021 and has a rapidly growing following.

Growing up in Tacoma, WA, Gabriel has had a tremendous passion for human expression through all visual mediums since a young age. He has authored several books on religion, consciousness and philosophy and has been published across a broad range of digital and print outlets.

A keen traveller, he has explored Europe, Asia and Central America, which has allowed him to form a deeper sense of connection to humanity at large.

Gabriel’s experience covers a wide range of disciplines, including copy editing, graphic design, filmmaking, academic research, UX/UI implementation, web design, photography and photo editing. He uses his culmination of skills to bring perspective and clarity to his projects, revealing the simplistic beauty of complex subjects.

Stunning modern masterpieces — that could be yours to co-own

Sm-ART NFT currently has three of Gabriel’s stunning images on offer for fractional ownership, including the glorious Rex Manes, ethereal Exultant Iridis and otherworldly Trillium Novus. Asset tokens are available to purchase from USD$50.

How does it work?

Assets are fractionalised and these fractions can then be bought and re-sold online via the platform or other platforms, including OpenSea.

Digital representations of the assets are created as NFTs and listed for purchase on the website through blockchain technology and asset tokens proving percentage ownership. Asset tokens can be purchased using one of a range of cryptocurrencies in accordance with the seller’s requirements. All tokens representing asset share are compliant with the Ethereum ERC20 standard.

To find out more, visit our website or find us on Twitter @smartnft_.




SM-ART is a marketplace that allows anyone to purchase fractional interests in great works of art and other high value assets, using the ease and efficiency of

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SM-ART is a marketplace that allows anyone to purchase fractional interests in great works of art and other high value assets, using the ease and efficiency of

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