Sight for Seven Weekly Meditation (AUG 28 2016- SEPT 3 2016)

Have you had a long term goal on your mind? Are you ready to commit to its pursuit? Will you be able to endure the pursuit of your goal(s) to the end? This week the I Ching admonishes us to find centre and persevere. The winds of change are blowing and we are now called to bravery, we must endure and see our commitments through. This may refer to any project, responsibility or task we have set out on or mentally committed to that appears to be at threat of failing. From within a whirlwind looking out it is difficult to see the coming calm, therefore we are called to look within. As we have no control over that which is outside of us, it is not the change without that matters most, it is the change within.

At this time don’t focus on the past or the future, do not berate yourself for time you perceive as lost and do not anticipate the success to come, as it’s said living in the past creates depression while living in the future creates anxiety. Rather be present in the moment and take action only after intelligent and protracted thought. Put your effort towards maintaining the momentum built and progress made toward achieving your goals. Be stedfast in your convictions yet adaptable to change and open to new possibilities. Flexibility not restlessness is key, as busyness for busyness sake is fruitless and misdirected efforts regardless of how hard one works will accomplish little.

If you are feeling like you must do something apply your mind and transmute would-be-restless energies to productive ones by cleaning up areas of your life that are messy. You know what they are, those issues you ignore that slowly suck at your life force from dusty corners of your mind. Before the dust settles utilize the winds of change now, to put right any disordered relationships and situations in your life be it with others or with self. In other words, get your house in order! That can mean anything from filing neglected tax returns, repairing that important friendship you’ve neglected, having a long overdue heart to heart with your parent(s) or family members, or finally going head to head with the personal demons you know you need to confront within your self. Anything you have swept under the rug, banished to your subconscious, carelessly overlooked or habitually neglected will benefit from being addressed now.

This week is prime time for improvement and cultivation of ones own character and aptly so as we begin to wind down the summer in preparation for a new cycle at the fall equinox.

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