6 reasons why you don’t need a collaboration tool

Christian Gericke, CRO at smartwork solutions GmbH @cgericke

Nobody needs “just another software”. Of course, you do not want to go to your IT and purchasing departments to start a lengthy process. And you have a zoo of tools already — email, MS Word, MS Sharepoint, file sharing solutions, document comparison solutions, Wikis and so on.

Moreover, all your users need to get used to a new solution. Training, change-management, internal selling of the idea. Why don’t we stick to what we have!?

Here is the ultimate list why you do not require a collaboration solution.

1. You are a boutique company

If it is only you and yourself and a small group of employees who can talk across the hallway or yell across the cubicle, you should stick with MS Word on contracts, brochures, proposals, etc.

2. You have time

Sounds crazy and impossible? There are some monopolists and unicorns — or both — which can take things easy.

Turn-around-times may not matter to you; time-to-market is not relevant and internal, and market deadlines are overrated for you and your business.

3. You have money

Time is money, right?

Do your agencies charge by the hour? Do you get an invoice for every minute someone needs to find the right version of a document, revision, etc.? Or for all the document reviews on the phone or in a web session?

Have you thought about the average salary cost of a meeting? So how many meetings do you attend?

4. You do not need control

You do not need to keep track of changes in real time. Great!

It does not matter if documents are inadequate, irrelevant or worse, inaccurate? If you can check and approve all changes and you can oversee if all contributors have double-checked their input, you can keep on working with mail and Word. Compliance and audit trails do not sound reasonable?

And all this co-authoring and co-editing? And everyone is allowed to accept everything? As it turns black, it is in the doc and stays there. Who cares who did what?

5. You love e-mails

If you like quicksand, you might also like e-mails. “Zero Inbox” is a great concept but it is like making a step forward and two back.

Emails just don’t scale. When it comes to productively working together with your team, it fails to help you get the job done.

6. You love looking for things

In a McKinsey report, it is stated that employees spend 1.8 hours every day — 9.3 hours per week, searching for documents.

Try to look at it another way: you hire five employees, you pay five employees, four show up to work and №5 is searching for answers and documents. So this guy is not contributing any value. But as stated in 3 — you have money, right?

Keeping track of the latest and correct version of an attached document is the modern era’s needle in a haystack.

If most of the reasons do not apply to you and your company, you should have a look at SMASHDOCs.

You might not become a unicorn.

It is a web-based intelligent word processor for collaborative writing and editing, featuring revolutionary change tracking technology. All changes are tracked in one single version of a document instead of creating multiple versions. You can assign different roles and rights. Approval, editing and commenting is easy as 1–2–3.

And all the communication — even the private communication to align on a topic — are in the document instead of an email.

However, SMASHDOCs helps you to increase productivity, waste less time and better manage your resources and relationships.