With a lot of documents in your document list, it can get quite confusing in SMASHDOCs. To help you keep an eye on important documents, we created a sweet little feature for you: Our document bookmarks. If you want to keep track of a document, just bookmark it.

There is a small star symbol next to every document in your document list. Click on it to set a bookmark. Additionally, you can decide whether you want to add a due date. Just select the respective day in the calendar box.

Dok.lesezeichen 1

Once you bookmarked a document, the colour of the star symbol changes from white to purple. If you added a due date, it will be displayed together with the document title.

SMASHDOCs also helps you to keep up with your deadlines. If a bookmark reaches its due date, the star symbol and the date itself both turn bright red.

Your bookmarks do not only show in your document list, but also in the tab bar on the left. The bookmark symbol only appears if there are bookmarked documents. The counter below the symbol indicates the number of bookmarked documents. If there are only bookmarks with a due date in the future, the counter is grey. Once a bookmark reaches its due date, the counter turns red. Click on the tab symbol to see a list of all your bookmarked documents.

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We may not be your mum, but we are at least as good as that!

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