Take care of your four bodies

I’m stunned how much time and energy people put into their work, project, goals, relationships — at the same time how less they invest in themselves.

Isn’t it obvious that you should take care of yourself?

You can do whatever you want, things are going to happen. Things will go wrong. There will be stressful moments. Hard times. Arguments. Crises. In these moments you are going to need all the resources you have. You can prepare for those hard and stressful moments. You should be prepared.

Even on a daily basis, it’s crucial to have these resources. You can’t work, be nice or make good decisions if have no energy left or feeling bad. If you are exhausted you won’t be like you want to be. How can we expect to function and perform well if we don’t take care of ourselves? Rather than just demand too much from ourselves we should build and foster the foundation — ourself.

Make yourself first priority.

By the way, this has nothing to do with being selfish. Maybe it has, but this isn’t negative at all. It’s about being selfish therefore you can be the person you want to be. The person who treats other people good and fair. The person who has the energy left to do this extraordinary thing. Being selfish could be the best thing you can do for others. Be selfish. Take care of yourself. For yourself and for others.

For me, it was always clear that my health is my foundation. If I’m sick I can’t do anything. Furthermore, if I stay healthy and feel good everything else is much easier.

Knowing this, protecting and enhancing your health should always be a priority.

Indeed, there is so much stuff you can do for that. But you can’t spend all day long trying to stay fit and healthy — I mean you could. I love the idea of creating and developing your resources which you can count on if needed. There are many ideas and ways to take care of yourself. I like the idea James Altucher is describing in his book ‘Choose yourself’: Taking care of your four bodies. The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. This idea isn’t new at all and should somehow be part of every health system. Nevertheless, I like the simplicity of this idea. Just don’t think these are separated bodies or whatever.

Taking care of these 4 bodies or aspects will definitely improve your life. No matter how stressful or busy your life is, make time this.

Physical body

Straight forward. Get the right food in. Get some exercise. Get enough rest and sleep.

Rather than freaking out about it just focus on the essential. I mean, everybody should know this. It doesn’t have to take much time. Actually, you get your time ‘back’. Your body is limiting your capacity for doing other stuff. If you are fit you won’t get tired as fast. Just think about how much longer you can stay focused. You will feel much better which results in more productivity.

You know that feeling when you are tired and exhausting. Many people experiencing this even when they wake up. You can’t expect much happening this day. Furthermore, by taking care of your body you won’t get sick as often.

I don’t even have to tell you what you should do. You already know the essential stuff. Do this first then focus on other stuff. I really mean this. Don’t think about if carbohydrates are good for you or not.

Why not start with the easy ones. Eat a lot of veggies and fruits. Just fucking move and stop sitting all day long. Some sort of strength training would be could but every form exercise is great. Sleep enough. Get rest and relax. No, not in front of a screen. Real relaxation. Start meditation or whatever works for you.

Mental body

The mental body goes hand in hand with the physical body — like all four bodies do. Keeping care of your physical body will directly influence your mental body and vice versa.

You are using your mind all day long, therefore, it needs adequate recovery. It’s crucial for maintaining your performance and being able to focus for a period of time.

Starting with sleep. Sleep enough and get real rest. Just because you are sleeping it doesn’t mean your body is recovering. There are varied ways to improve your sleep. Do this. Nevertheless, your mind is progressing a lot during sleep, therefore, you might want to go further.

Do some active recovery during the day. Meditation is a great way for that. There are serval ways to meditate find what works for you. Otherwise, try yoga or something else. Whatever it is, try to get some moments of pure relaxation during the day.

Additionally, you should reduce any negative stress. I know you know this already. Why aren’t you acting on this? It’s really crucial and can make all the difference.

Avoid stressful situation if possible. This might mean to say ‘no’ to more things. Reserve some time for yourself.

Having the right attitude. Don’t panic just because something isn’t working like expected. Most of the time everything is working out fine. Develop the right mindset by focusing on the really important stuff. Knowing why you are doing what you are doing. Having a vision. Having a purpose.

What’s more, practicing mindfulness. Everyone is talking about this. Still, too few people are actually doing it. Being fully present — now.

Social and Emotional body

We humans are highly social beings. Surround yourself with loving people. Being aware of the people you are surrounded with is so important. Either they can lift you up or bring you down every time you see them.

Your social life is related but not restricted to your emotional life. Don’t bury your emotions somewhere deep inside you. Act them out. However, it’s your responsibility to bring more positive emotions into your life. Be happy. Enjoy life. Appreciate life. Bring more love into your life simply by loving more. Yourself. The people around you. Everything.

I know life can be overwhelming and even cruel. There are moments of grief, anger, frustration etc. Don’t resist them. Feel them anyway. Then change it, accept it or leave it.

Spiritual body

Spirituality can have many different faces. Believe in whatever you want. I’m not religious still I believe in some form — or no form — of God.

Have faith. Believe in something bigger than you. There is much more than just this thing you are identifying with. Actually, you are even much more. Call it whatever you want but believe in something bigger.

You can pray or meditate. However, reflect your norms and values. What is your belief system? Which values are crucial to you? Reflect these. Question them. Then act on them.

In the end, everything is one

In the end, it’s about taking care of yourself. Grow, evolve and build resources to master your life. By keeping your four bodies — these four aspects — in mind you always have an orientation. This way you won’t get lost so easily. Do something for each of these bodies every day and it will make a huge difference.

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