Introduction and Acquaintance

I am the daughter of two ex-police officers. Perhaps that is the science behind my love of true crime, justice and criminology. I love nothing more than curling up with a book about OJ Simpson or the West Memphis Three — spending hours trawling over the minor details, the intricate details that built phenomenal cases such as these. A quick glance at my internet history will reveal hundreds of Google searches — mostly all of which are related to a new case I’ve stumbled upon, or of a cold case that has caught my undivided attention. In short — I am greatly in love with the world of crime and criminal activity and the lashings of justice that follow. I relish the fact not that crime is committed, but that it can unravelled. That we have advanced to a point in which a crime can be solved simply with a hair or a smudged finger print.

I figured it would be best to put my passions to use, and I am studying an extended major in Criminology with the hope of moving overseas to pursue a career in probation and parole. I’m not sure what motivated me to make this, but here I hope to delve deeply into my great loves in life, which include books, writing, current affairs and crime/justice. In amidst my ramblings, I hope that my great loves may also become yours, or that you may garner inspiration from such.

Sincerely yours. X

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