On Leaving Indianapolis
John Beeler

Thank you for this. I mean it. I grew up in Fountain Square, my parents still reside there, as well as a handful of family members (I had both sets of grandparents living one street over and one block down). Once I “grew up and moved out” my husband and I settled in Irvington, which was nice, but it wasn’t “my” neighborhood. We were there for nearly 13 years. We’re now in Europe with our kids. Leaving it all behind is bittersweet. Your post struck a chord with me- everything in your post IS me- from the police chases, to the drugged up neighbors, kids playing in puddles, etc. That’s what I grew up with. I’m nearly 33 now and up until last summer my kids had that (when they’d visit my parents) and I was ecstatic. However, at the same time, when an opportunity presents itself, you seize it. Despite living in a country whose language I don’t speak and never studied (because living in Indiana means you’d need to learn Spanish), when it comes down to it, I’m still the same kid who grew up in Fountain Square. It never leaves you, period.